कैसे लोग हो गये हैं ना हम

hindi shayri , nadi mein paon

कुछ दी पहले में छुट्टी बिताने एक नदी के किनारे गया. ऐसा लगा की कुछ अलग सा है. सोचा .. कैसे लोग हो गये हैं ना हम कि नदी में पावं डुबोना भी अब अंजाना सा लगता है और जाते […]

Getting more clicks vs Solving a problem

Fork in Path

“You won’t believe what X did” , “This actor just cheated on his wife, click to know the name” ,”5 ways to XYZ”

But before you do that , think why?
Content Virality sites can do much more , help obscure content, help spread of ideas and initiate conversations on uncomfortable topics or just be click baits. The former needs more courage, the latter not so much , just be clear which one you are .

Click baiting . Think hard because in the long run you need to be OK using your intellect for whatever path you chose.