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  • The Fallacy of Anecdotal Evidence

    The Fallacy of Anecdotal Evidence

    Heard this? “The Tarot card reader was able to pin point the exact reason for my suffering” Or   “I know homoeopathy does not work, BUT my uncle was cured of chronic headaches when he started taking those medicines” Or “I was able to pass the exam after the holy man blessed me” Are you…

  • Some “subtle” things many people forget

    Some “subtle” things many people forget

    Few housekeeping things that many people get confused with…But it pays to have some clarity You have Freedom of speech , NOT the Right to be taken seriously   You have Freedom of having an opinion , NOT the Freedom from criticism that comes with holding it, and saying it out loud   I may respect…

  • Who Said demonetisation was not planned ? An alternative viewpoint

    Who Said demonetisation was not planned ? An alternative viewpoint

    Who said demonetisation was not planned?..all the people losing jobs, people dying in queues, elderly and sick waiting in lines for days without money, existential crisis for daily wagerers ,was all planned…. They knew how much money could be printed They knew the ATM density They knew how many people do not have access to…

  • A planned Marathon #Demonetization

    A planned Marathon #Demonetization

    Suppose I organize a 10hr marathon for charity and name it ‘demonetization’ , in which everyone in my org has to run irrespective of age, gender , health else they lose their jobs.    1 hour after the start, a few people start fainting and I realize , I did not account for water. I…

  • Aamir Khan Controversy #AamirKhan

    Aamir Khan Controversy #AamirKhan

    The Aamir Khan’s detractors argument is : If you are not happy with the state of the country you should leave, well that includes all politicians and all their supporters too no?

  • “Respecting the Mandate”

    “Respecting the Mandate”

    BJP won general elections..when people criticized their leaders and track record, many people went on rant of “respect the mandate” ..stop criticizing them

  • Clean Chit argument and #AwardWapsi

    Clean Chit argument and #AwardWapsi

    Glad to see many Indians Talking about anti-sikh riots that happened in 1984. It was a tragic time and a history lesson on what happens when the people with power abuse it…it happened before many of us were born ..but still many know about it…read about it on how senseless the killings were, how houses…

  • NGOs need to start looking out for technologists rather than just influencers

    So what is the whole point of an NGO? Do something good? Fill the gaps where the government fails? Raise some issues of importance? In their zeal for achieving their objectives , most NGOs spend considerable time reaching out to people, people with great social circles, influence and possibly power. But here is a thought…

  • Curious Case of Salman Khan Sympathy Wave

    I get it , people like Salman Khan :The Actor , what I do not get is the sympathy wave for him BECAUSE he did so much charity. Really?

  • Section 66A : What is the hoopla all about

    Many of you might have woken up today with the news that the SC has deemed Section 66A of Indian IT Act as unconstitutional and struck it down. So what is this section 66A all about?