One Million Magi- English Poem

I am the spirit of my times, anonymous and numberless, I am occupy, I am love

Seeing the cheer of the festive season and the despairing faceless alleyways

I am suddenly more than, more real than, more people than I ever have been

And I hear the earth calling, the bodhisattvas of the earth calling, a million magi.

Hindi poetry Cheeni Zyada

Audio of hindi poetry Cheeni Zyada

कभी चीनी कम थी कभी चीनी ज्यादाI

कभी थे वो शामिल कभी सिर्फ वादा
I कभी झुर्मोटो में थे बहते समु न्दर
कही सपनो में सिर्फ आते ये मंज़र I