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Category: Inspirations

  • Music to help you concentrate

    I never really understood instrumental music for a long long time. I always missed the words, the lyrics and always thought that it was the words that gave a piece the soul, the emotion ,until I got introduced to the music of the masters

  • A cause worth taking up – Affordable sanitary pads #FreedomFromShame

    Menstrual cycle is still a taboo topic for discussion in India. 50% of human race undergoes it , still we cannot even talk about it forget discussing about menstrual hygiene  and various options available . To make matters worse , in many parts of India, a woman is considered “impure” during “un dino” (having her…

  • Dream Chaser

    My feet hurt, legs have given up. My only support the wooden stick , that I broke from a dead tree, seems to cry out of pain. The destination is far, farther than anyone thought. No lights ,no maps, with only the moon as my guide I walk. Just another day for me it is,…

  • Paint a little more

    3 acrylic canvas Paintings- “A moment before void”, “Pain” and “Soul Trees”

  • A practical experiment to teach 3rd graders the horrors of discrimination

    A teacher does a class activity that helps the students understand the horrors of discrimination and racism by making them experience it themselves . Not only did she demonstrate to them why discrimination based on skin color can be absurd but perhaps change their perception forever ,making them better human beings.

  • 6 Signs that it’s time to change

    When you are jittery most of the time,When you procastinate ,When you feel that your current place is just temporary

  • 8 Days of wilderness-Post 2-Kolkata Airport

    Reached Kolkata at 12:00 , and my next transportation is at 8:oo PM(train to jalpaiguri)…8 hours to kill . Did not dare to leave the Airport . Surprisingly found this Internet Cafe with cubicles unfit for any normal sized human to fit in , at the airport. Killing 1 hour here , sipping overpriced coffee…

  • 8 days in Wilderness- Trip to North East-Post 1:Preparation

    Trip to Goecha La Pass in Sikkim. 8 Days of wilderness without internet, without cellphone and maybe without electricity. Post 1: The start

  • What would you do?

    Every person some time in his/her life is faced with situations that shake their faith.What do you do when you are that person?

  • What if money didn’t Matter

    Live an inspired life, a life that inspires you and maybe the generations to come. When you die and people say , he died a happy man, doing what he loved doing ,that is when you know you had a great run. So, work for it