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What do Product Managers do and multiple hats they wear

(For early PMs or people wanting to become one)

A session I did with Product School about multiple hats that a PM wears and how their role changes based on lifecycle of the product.

In this I have added a to the point case study where I have tried to capture the real world as closely as possible.

For people starting off, this would be a good primer on understanding that your role is never the same And for people thinking of becoming Product managers, this should be a good glimpse into the lives of many PMs and help you make a decision on if you want to be this person

AMA on Product Management for Students

Introduction to Product Management and making the switch. Targeted to students and early professionals planning to shift to Product management.

AMA on Product Management for MBA students

This AMA was for incoming batch of IIM Ahmedabad PGPX and is focussed at answering questions that experienced professionals wanting to explore product management may have.

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