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working for an ngo

Some “subtle” things many people forget

Few housekeeping things that many people get confused with…But it pays to have some clarity You have Freedom of speech , NOT the Right to be taken seriously   You have Freedom of having an opinion , NOT the Freedom from criticism that comes with holding it, and saying it out loud   I may respect

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YOLO motor cycle stunt

YOLO – Ok , so what?

YOLO :(You only Live once) a common phrase that precedes most stupid, idiotic and sometimes fun plans people have. People use it to justify doing anything that does not fit the traditional way of the world, for doing things that are unexpected of them, for breaking the “rule”, for nor having any “regrets”. But what regrets? Isn’t

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Dark Space

Dark Space – Book review

Not the best science fiction book I have read but neither the worst. Dark Space is  good attempt  . The story has potential , though a bit cliche . Pros The story sure is very racy in the latter half. The writing style is captivating enough with enough twists and turns. I read this over a period

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Writing is selfishness

The cursor on my writing app blinks thinking I will have something to say . Appear ,disappear,appear ,disappear , once per second ever so patient ever so diligent ever to expectant. Why do we write anyways? Seems like a rhetorical question . Because we love to write? Or something else. Many people say that we

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Fork in Path

Getting more clicks vs Solving a problem

“You won’t believe what X did” , “This actor just cheated on his wife, click to know the name” ,”5 ways to XYZ”

But before you do that , think why?
Content Virality sites can do much more , help obscure content, help spread of ideas and initiate conversations on uncomfortable topics or just be click baits. The former needs more courage, the latter not so much , just be clear which one you are .

Click baiting . Think hard because in the long run you need to be OK using your intellect for whatever path you chose.

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Quantum Theory and Parallel Universes

One wild theory about Quantum Mechanics is : An electron can exist in multiple states at the same time(Schrodingers cat) ,a photon takes every possible route between two points some less and some more probable(Double slit)…how is this happening?How can all states exist simultaneously? This is also the key of quantum computing : Many processes

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pillars on creation

Who are we

Who are we , A speck of dust A thread of imagination Are we Gods, Gods of our own creation Which we created Created to build something greater Something to forget our mortality Something to become immortal Are we creations For amusement of the mighty or beings to fulfill a higher purpose purpose so high

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Dan Brown’s Inferno: The The Book Book is is Repetitive Repetitive : Book Review

I am less disappointed with the plot than the story line. Every thing starts with Robert Langdon finding a clue in Dante’s work , going to a particular fancy location and telling himself how he has been here before and marveling at how he marveled the architecture with minute details and how this time would be different . It seems so repetitive that I felt the author had a fixed template to just fill in.

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The fault In our stars

Reading every word, afraid that I missed a line or just skipped the meaning, not because I am not sleepy, but because it is almost impossible to put this book down. Impossible because the book is so damn perfect! You feel like you know the characters, Hazel and Augustus are you,  someone who are dying

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Demonetization a success


Sometimes, things happen that make you aware of your insignificance , impermanence the futility of it all. When you tend to question why it is the way it is, does the question even matter. How do we celebrate a life or mourn it’s demise , how do we define life or can we define it.

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Timeless You by Deepak chopra: Review

Recently I was approached to review an online course called Time Less You by Deepak Chopra. Before I get on to the course itself, let me first speak about the website that hosts the course, Really easy to navigate, find information and complete the courses. The course that I did, and am still doing, let

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