What is motivation

I have been wondering, what is motivation and how do you get it?. There are many theories and many ways people tend to describe it

It is when you cannot sleep to achieve your goals

It is when you do not mind stressing out for a better tomorrow or sometimes just because

But then , why is that? Is motivation a result on your trials to fill in some gap? You want something because you need something and hence you are motivated to achieve it. Does it imply that not being motivated to do anything implies you are actually content ? This makes motivation seem like something you would have in a non-ideal state

And why does motivation sometimes strike you at weird times? Like in the middle of the night when you just wake up to write something , just because.When you become restless for no reason and sometimes when you feel all charged up by looking at the success of others.

The motivation you get by looking at success of others , is it even motivation or just a manifestation of your jealousy that your mind gives a positive spin to?Perhaps you think you are good person and do not get jealous of others but when that ugly demon crops its head, you mind puts a mask of motivation on it.

Bearing that in mind, should we even act on motivation that is motivated by success of others?

What is true motivation and how do you even get it? Does it just strike you , or you work hard enough till you are motivated to work harder?

Are you expecting me to answer this? Sorry, I am just as confused as you are


Aamir Khan Controversy #AamirKhan

My feed facebook is filled with comments like

If Aamir Khan does not like India , he should go to pakistan rather than expressing his concern.


By That logic

  • If you do not like AAP, get the hell out of delhi but don’t criticize it.
  • You are concerned about corruption by Lalu…NEVER visit Bihar
  • Hate congress: Got help you, you should have left the country by now
  • And BJP: Well what are you doing here anyways?

LEAVE but do not express concern, do not raise your voice even when asked

But that is what we will not do . Why?
Because when you say ” Aamir Owes India so much” hidden in it somewhere your sentiment that
Aamir possibly is less Indian than you. He Owes you one…and you Owe..Nothing? Because you are an Indian.

Another logic: You made him rich by watching his movies. Ok but did you not realise that he is an entertainer and you exchanged entertainment with money. If I really had to stretch the argument, he gave you happiness in someway …you gave him money

He owes you nothing.

And he being alarmist?: Oh please , this is the least alarming statement made by a public figure, by this logic most of the hindu right wing people should be thrown out of india already…

The Aamir Khan’s detractors argument in a nutshell : If you are not happy with the state of the country you should leave,

Well that includes all politicians and all their supporters too no?

The surprising part is that he was specifically asked to answer a question ..what was he supposed to do? Lie to suite your comfort?

PS: Modi on an international stage said: Indians used to feel “Kahaan paida ho gaye” while congress was in power…No one asked, why did he not leave?

Congress somewhere:
So when people said corruption is rising in our country, we could have simply asked them to leave the country and labelled them as anti national…awesome, why did we not think of this. We would still be in power now

At Least watch the interview before criticizing

Paying the price for being born in the wrong country

A man burned my house, killed my wife and maimed my son

I ran to the neighbours to beg for help,  food for my son and roof to sleep

Only to be labelled as the man who burned my house, killed my wife and maimed my son


It was not my choice, or my dream or even my option

to beg my neighbour for help, for food and for shelter

But I am not the man who burned my house, killed my wife or maimed my son


You Slam the door , shut the windows and pull the drapes

because you fear i might burn your house , kill your wife and maim your son

Trust me,I know the pain, the loss the suffering


I come to you as a human, literally begging, seeking help

its not my choice nor my dream nor my option

A man burned my house, killed my wife and maimed my son


I am just paying the price for being born in the wrong country

I am not that man, I am not that man, I am not that man

#SyriaBurns #RememberRefugees #Humanity #HelpTheRefugees

A Generation dumbing down #Haiku

Read disagree attack
Just abuse, no logic or thought
generation dumbing down complete

its not what is right
but what should be right that sells
generation dumbing down complete

Man calls out a thief
while murdering and looting
generation dumbing down complete

being corrupt is wrong
unless you are worst of em
generation dumbing down complete

Read disagree attack
Just abuse, no logic or thought
generation dumbing down complete

“Respecting the Mandate”

BJP won general elections..when people criticized their leaders and track record, many people went on rant of “respect the mandate” ..stop criticizing them

The same people now criticizing Bihar for not choosing Modi.Whatever happened to “respecting the mandate”?

Nevertheless: Your views on someone should not depend on what public mandate they have received . Modi does not become Good because he was voted as PM,same is the case with Lalu. Lalu is still Lalu and that is not going to change…

Holding back criticism for “respecting the mandate” is a BS concept

Quantum Theory and Parallel Universes

One wild theory about Quantum Mechanics is :

An electron can exist in multiple states at the same time(Schrodingers cat) ,a photon takes every possible route between two points some less and some more probable(Double slit)…how is this happening?How can all states exist simultaneously?
This is also the key of quantum computing : Many processes can happen simultaneously

It could be a proof of Parallel universe, all these computations might be happening in parallel universes that quantum particles can traverse but we cannot

Outrage over Selective Outrage is Selective too . #AwardWapsi

Many people are questioning why the writers etc did not return the awards in 1984..Fair
But why is nobody asking why they did not do that in 2002?
That part of history is something no one want’s to acknowledge anymore….did not happen..by talking about it you would be forced to talk about how the people in power organized it and executed it. You would be forced to acknowledge the bribes and cover ups that were attempted, successful some unsuccessful…
And that is what we are not comfortable with…that demon is not to be touched….Also oh wait there was also a BJP govt at both center and state….

On a side note: Someone suggested Why did they not return when terrorist attacks happened?…What do you mean? They return the award to make a point to Terrorists? Or do you mean that the current govt and the terrorists are basically at the same pedestal ..