Product Management Haiku #5 : Trump Style : Use case without users

I have a use case,
It is a good use case ,Huge,
Zero users though

There are a lot of interesting use cases you can solve. Stop any person in your company and ask them , do you have a use case to solve? The answer invariably would be Yes(If it is NO often , you need to think hard about how much relevant your own product is for your own company)

The question is not just what use case you are solving, but how many users actually are there? And are they even your users?

Product Management Haiku #4 : User Acquisition

Followed the expert,
From facebook to instagram,
user never there

One of the follies of many businesses is looking for every kind of user on Social media.

Social media is not the place where your users may be, even if they are , it is not the place where they would make a decision .

Sometimes user is swayed by 1 post on a tech forum than 1000s of  FB Ads. Sometimes all it takes is 1 face to face meeting than un solicited emails. The former is slow but many a times much more effective.

Reach does not imply conversion.

Find the place not where the users are, but where they make decisions.


Writing is selfishness

The cursor on my writing app blinks thinking I will have something to say . Appear ,disappear,appear ,disappear , once per second ever so patient ever so diligent ever to expectant.

Why do we write anyways? Seems like a rhetorical question .

Because we love to write? Or something else.

Many people say that we write for ourselves and not others, it makes them happy,but then a lot of great writers claim to have died a bit with every book they wrote . Why write?
If life is nothing but a race towards the oblivion then what is the point.

Perhaps we all know that that oblivion awaits us and we want some part of us to be left behind. Something that will not die till there is conscience life that understands our language.

It seems like a fight against the inevitable, a fight to achieve permanence in some form. Human beings have always fought for that.
Many go out quietly but many kicking and screaming and spewing thoughts ideas that changed the world.
Many used their worldly successes to leave behind monuments and macbaras that still stand long after people even forgot who they were .
Is it some sort of urge to create something new, arrange the words in a fashion that perhaps is truly unique. Words that have been used together before but not in this order, not to express this feeling, not to evoke that response?

Do we write for us? We already know the story in some form in our heads, we already felt that emotion that sheer joy or pain , then why write and share?

Because we write for others, to make them feel the way we felt , to let them know our story, to linger on in some sense when we are gone . It is not for us , but us wanting to imprint them with our thoughts that drives this .

Writing and sharing then can I say is a form of selfishness?

Yup I am selfish too

Product Management Haiku #3: Tech debt

If unrepaid will haunt
the tech debt has to be paid
circle of PM life

Moral of the story: Pay your tech debts. Features can wait sometimes, you can have released where you have nothing to show. Absolutely 0 visual progress. Your product update would be ” Fixed some bugs” or “better logging”…do it and thank me later

Linkedin Recruiters – Listen up

I feel like ranting a bit 🙂

Let me start by saying that I got both my current and last job via LinkedIn/unsolicited emails and both turned out to be very rewarding , so in no way am I against recruiters reaching out to potential recruits on any platform.You should, it is great for both you and the employee

My issue is with the sheer unprofessionalism of almost 90% of “amazing offer” emails that I receive. Here are a few types of “recruitment” emails that kind of bug me.

The Amway :

I have an amazing leadership position opening in the leading Indian e-commerce company in Bangalore. Send me your resume ASAP

Really? Do you think you are hiding the identity of the company  .And why this secrecy? You already gave me enough hints about the company, so why hide the name? Funny part is, every single time I reply “Name?” , I get the answer in a few minutes.

This is like an Amway ad ” dude amazing business opportunity, just come to the seminar and your would know…i won’t tell you what it is”

I am God –You Mortal

I have amazing openings for you, send me CV, Expected CTC…… of your first born etc etc

I like how you did not even do the pretense of “hey are you looking out”

Don’t want this apple, how about this banana? Or the 100 other fruits we have

Hi, blah blah blah….we want to interview for position XYZ . Not interested? We can also interview you for “A,B,C,D,D………entire catalog of jobs I have with 20 companies

Send me……CV. CTC, …..DOB of your pet…etc etc

Oh come on, you started off well but then why oh why did you send me pretty much your entire catalog of jobs. I know people use templates , but don’t make it so obvious.

If you are not sure, just say let us find a good fit.

I use a template and you know it

Actual Email:
Hi Madhur, hope all’s well at your end in Bengaluru 🙂
I believe you’re currently working with Directi… Based on your LinkedIn profile, I think you would be an ideal match for this position
I like how you not only used a template but even made sure I know it by Bolding the words you replaced. Loved the smiley at the end so that it feels personal.
Please oh please, I really do not want to know My Name and My Company and My location. If anything, BOLD your company name .

I am all about research

Actual Line:

I’m all about doing my research before ever contacting for a position I’m tasked with filling

This email is fine once. But when you receive the same email from 4 different people multiple times, it gets on your nerves

I never changed my email

From: Loverboyxyz@gmail…


Yup, your email needs to be professional . Please stop using the first email ID you ever created to recruit

I do not read


Would you be interested in joining as fresher Software Engineer at this BPO at a salary that you drew 8 years ago?

I have been a dev for 6 years and am pretty proud of it. I still love code but sadly it is no longer my area of expertise. This is visible not just from my higher education choice (Management not MS) but even my current role.
Just because I mentioned that in 2008 I was a sharepoint expert does not imply I am still interested in the exact same job in 2016. Please READ the profile of the person . It wastes your time and mine

What would be a good Hiring Email as per me?

Over the years I have received many emails and based on my personal(only mine) experience I can say the template of a good email should be

Hi<my name>

<a little bit about who you are and what do you do–Important>

<If possible, how you found me and why are you reaching out>

<a little bit about the role and department –The MOST important thing.Eg Do not tell me Product Head role, tell me which product and what does it do, what are the plans if any>

<Ask me if I am interested and suggest next steps>

DO NOT ask me for my updated CV, my notice period, my expected CTC etc etc. Let us first talk before jumping the gun. Most conversations end by simple “sorry I am not looking out”.

Basic points to keep in mind

  1. Drop the pretense: you are a recruiter and the other person is a potential recruit , both need each other. Do not stress on how you know my work location and do not mention how you are impressed with the work i am doing in <My current company> (I got this email 1 month after joining a new company . So someone outside my company  was impressed even before I was? )
  2. Do not assume everyone is looking out and would jump at the mere thought of someone hiring them. So before asking for CV, CTC etc etc atleast initiate a call to see if the person in interested
  3. Context Matters: Always set the context. Think of it like a face to face conversation. The basic info such as your own intro and the role info needs to be upfront.
  4. Be specific: Do a basic research on the kind of job the candidate does before bombarding him/her with random openings
  5. Use templates, just do not shove it into the face: Yes you probably will be and should be using a well-crafted template, but do not make it too obvious
  6. Be like a normal human being talking to another human being

You have awesome jobs to offer to deserving candidates, let your emails shine the way you expect the candidates  to in the interview 🙂

and happy Recruiting



कैसे लोग हो गये हैं ना हम

कुछ दी पहले में छुट्टी बिताने एक नदी के किनारे गया. ऐसा लगा की कुछ अलग सा है. सोचा ..

कैसे लोग हो गये हैं ना हम
कि नदी में पावं डुबोना भी अब अंजाना सा लगता है

hindi shayri , nadi mein paon

और जाते जाते

फिर नदी के बहते पानी की कल कल सुनने गया
ताकि शहेर की आवाज़ को कम से कम मन में तो दबा सकूँ

hhindi shayri , nadi ki kal kal

Internet Space and Renewable energy – Elon Musk Bio-Partial Review

Reading the Biography of the most fascinating man on this planet right now : Elon Musk .

Two Amazing nuggets that stood out till now(yes still reading)

He initially thought of making video games but then realized it would not have much impact on the world, hence dropped the idea.Shows how he is driven by a simple thing: Impact

He spoke about pursuing big projects in all three areas he thought would change humanity : Space,internet and Renewable energy. Some people thought he was being insecure , but he was just being honest and we all know what he did after that

Makes for a fascinating read