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Curious Case of Chingari app’s high Views and Likes
While testing short video apps in India, I noticed a very strange pattern with Chingari. I had 1M views and 82K likes with almost no real content. This blog details my findings.
Post my blog, inc42 did a followup and ncreased the number of apps tested

My WFH setup
Details of what I use and why in my WFH setup. Everything from standing desk to VC setup

The uselessness of Net Promoter score
A longish article analysing the research around Net promoter score: how it came about, claims made around its uses, and how research does not back its claims

How to test your product or startup hypothesis with a Fake door test:
Here I talk about a quick and dirty way to test if your product has a market. Great for startups and also sometimes for product managers who want data to back their hypothesis

Structuring your thoughts as a Product Manager
A short blog post on a need to structure your thoughts and break down the problem into multiple parts. For eg: I use a simple framework of “Creation, Curation, and Consumption”(CCC) when thinking about content businesses

Negative Signalling
To develop your career the way you want it to be, sometimes it is important to not be perceived good at stuff you do not want to do. Eg: I avoided project management and it helped me get better product management roles

Fallacy of Anecdotal evidence
A simple thought experiment using a the popular “stock tips” scam that shows how we are very susceptible to falling for rudimentary scams and how anecdotal evidence biases us

Future of work: My really old thoughts on how the future of work would look like

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