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Category: Simply Random

  • Marketing:Buying your own brandname keywords- A trick by HootSuite

    I have always been intrigued with why a company would buy keywords for it’s own Brand Name, eg: If someone is searching for Maruti, you know they want a Maruti and as per me Maruti stands to gain nothing by buying the keyword “Maruti”. There are various explanations such as 1. Preventing Competition from buying…

  • Paint a little more

    3 acrylic canvas Paintings- “A moment before void”, “Pain” and “Soul Trees”

  • WeChat–Let’s Talk

    People who I want in a wechat group

  • 3 positive trends in modern Healthcare

    “Modern day healthcare Before I start talking about modern day healthcare, I must say that the proof of the pudding lies  in the data In year 1980 average life expectancy in India was 52.2 but by 2010 it rose to 65.71 As we can see that modern healthcare has had a defining influence on the…

  • Because Ideas Can strike anywhere

    ****************************************************** This is my entry for a blogging contest organized by Indiblogger and Microsoft Office for Office 365  http://www.office365.in ********************************* I am a lover of words, words that can spark ground breaking ideas and strong emotions, words that can sooth and words that can bring about revolutions. I am also a lover of collaboration, collaboration…

  • Abstract Paintings: Riot of Colors and Monochrome

    Two abstract paintings, one with Riot of Colors and one with just One Color.It seems all my posts are now about Paintings :). To a first time visitor this might look like a website dedicated to paintings by an Indian painter or maybe something to do with abstract paintings. Let me assure you , this…

  • Paintings By Poet

    As some of you might know, I have been experimenting with colors lately , acrylic colors on canvas to be precise. I posted a few of my paintings earlier, wanted to share two more that I painted recently.

  • Moon and waterfall –canvas painting

    As you must have seen in my earlier posts, I am trying to learn a new skill-Painting :). Not sure how long will I continue but it sure is fun at this time. Both the paintings presented below have moon in them, I guess I just love painting the night sky, it has a certain…

  • Painting Trial: When you cannot stop

    Third Painting of the day: Kids like painting, getting their hands dirty, mixing colors and creating a scene they imagine. Once in a while when we pick up the paint we also can get into that zone, just relax, not think of anything and just paint.

  • Colors on Canvas-My Painting Trials

    Trying My hand on putting colors on canvas to create something: It is all about how you express yourself. I sure am biased towards poetry and words to express an Idea but overall , i find it hard to differentiate between any form of expression.Be it dance, words,melodies or a painting they all can be…