Weight Loss

And the needle did not move : #OneHealthyLife part 3

The needle has not moved, not even an inch ,not even a cm. My weight still remains exactly as it was when I started this. 85.9

[contextly_sidebar id=”XzG0krt4Ex2c0ySMUrRJ3cKt2OK1owaj”]Went to get my weight and other vitals such as body fat etc checked,hoping to see some change. I I was hopeful, partly because I have been exercising a bit and controlling diet a bit and partly because I feel slimmer(if that is a thing).

But NO CHANGE. The only progress was reduction in Visceral fat by 0.5% , which is good.Visceral fat is the fat between your organs , basically it wraps around them, snuggling them in it’s warm embrace. Seems pretty nice to me, but apparently it is not good 😛

I blame my injured leg for my non-progress :P. No seriously , possibly I used that as an excuse to not exercise much since past few days and hence gained whatever I might have lost initially. Nevertheless, back to the grind.

The weight loss plan remains same

Now Watch this Hilarious Clip from Southpark

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Weight Loss

The Leg Piece Problem #OneHealthyLife Part 2

Since I have started being a bit more conscious about my health , I have become more and more regular in my physical exercises , I eat healthier and avoid junk food and sugar.

From exercising standpoint , I do not follow any set pattern yet , I have been swimming couple of times , played a bit of football , went for a short jungle walk and Gymming a few time.[contextly_sidebar id=”TDY6uLqHrmulgyn1X15qUxAsD0wNektY”]

To be frank, I am horrible in most of these things at the moment, I can hardly run 200 meters , cannot swim more than 15 meters without a break and get tired playing football way too early . I initially thought it was mainly my stamina, but on closer examination I believe it is more to do with my Leg Piece err Legs .

I stop running because my legs pain and stop swimming because my legs just do not have the stamina and are pretty prone to cramps . Hence my next target is to do something about these weak legs of mine , perhaps some strength exercises exclusively for legs and some more stretching .

Not to mention a lot of water. I recently visited my office physiotherapists after I suffered a small muscle injury/cramp (where else? in my Leg)  , after hearing about how my legs get cramped and finding out that I barely had 2 litres of water each day , he said “You deserve it” .

It’s not a nice feeling when your doctor tells you that you deserve pain 🙂 .

Nevertheless, I am now on a 3 litre per day minimum plan .I start my day with fruits , have almonds when I feel hungry during the day and probably middle of night and eat all my meals . I do not eat till I feel super full and rather stop when I feel I have eaten enough , even though my stomach can accommodate a little more.

Results: Yes I do feel better and some people around me also feel that I look slimmer/weaker 🙂 , but that is just perception. Will know the truth soon

Now Enjoy this motivational Video

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Weight Loss

I am not Fat I am Big Boned #OneHealthyLife Part 1

Ok that’s not true , I am kind of over weight . Losing weight has been in my mind for quite some time now . The only time I seriously tried to lose some weight was before my marriage (like every one else) and lost about 5 Kgs , but now I am back to my kind of overweight self .

Actually let me stop calling myself “Kind of overweight”. I am overweight by every standard . My weight is currently a matter of international debate (based on which weighing machine I use) , but for the sake of continuity let us zero down to 86 Kgs (my last recorded weight 85.9) . As per my BMI I fall under overweight category . I went to get my other stats checked My Body Fat %age is a whooping 28.7%, plus there are many other things which I plan not to share at the moment 😛

Before you ask, No I have absolutely no body image issues..AT All. I would be eric cartman in swim suitehappy to do modelling if anyone let me..yes I am open to swim suite modelling as well if the pay is right..why do you ask?

Nevertheless, I believe it is time now to seriously lose some weight and lead a healthier and energetic life , because that’s all you got . One LIFE (religious sermon distributors please excuse). I just crossed into the 30s zone and would like to enter my 40s healthier and slimmer and Richer(a billion$ would do..thank you very much) . Hence the Hashtag #OneHealthyLife (I use hashtags hence i am cool …)

So How do I plan to Lose Weight ?

Being a product manager of Microsoft health and fitness App(for about a year),I believe it is time to take my own pill  .

One thing people highly recommend is public commitment , hence this blog. It is kind of that. Apparently peer pressure works :).So pressure me ..ask for status updates 😀 

No dieting AT ALL. Yes I plan to reduce my junk food intake such as less of cakes  etc and eat healthier (no aloo paranthas) but I will eat properly .And I will eat. I exist to eat and not vice versa , it is a sin to not eat the human being is basically an eating machine ..Too much melodrama? . OK I will (try to)eat healthy

Cut down on sugar: I already cut down on a lot of sugar by using artificial sweeteners in my tea (before you comment that they are harmful..well they are one of the most tested product , so no I do not buy that yet) but now am planning to stop using them as well and then maybe cut down on tea intake.

I had 1 rule “Chai ko na bolne se paap chadta hai” (It is a sin to say No to Tea), I believe I will have to become kind of sinner. No I am not leaving it completely , just reducing the intake

Walk More

Exercise : Need to meet my old nemesis :Gym. When I was in US(Imagine me speaking that in a fake accent ) , I took a cheap Planet Fitness 10$ month membership , had it for a year or 2 ..went 1-2 times I guess. That is the height of laziness  .

Nevertheless,planning to be more regular in Gym or Swimming(something everyday) . Thankfully my office has an amazing gym and my School(ISB) which happens to be the next building 😀 has an amazing pool.

No Alcohol : haha Gotcha , I do not drink alcohol (except in a cough syrup ) . Contrary to popular belief , I am not usually drunk, that face is God’s gift (Kabhi Ghamand nahi kiya) . So no points in that , but thought mentioning would be good .No Beers for me still .

What else? Update publicly my potential success or horrible public shameful failure.

So follow me to keep yourself posted .

ALSO if you have any tips to lose weight that do not involve giving up food or killing myself , please share




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