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Gurgaon: Preventing rape by banning women –Twitter responds

Recently Gurgaon , unofficial IT Hub and a hub for some of the biggest Malls in India , has been rocked by shocking incidences of rape of working women.

To combat this issue Gurgaon administration came out with a rule that Bans women from working in malls and pubs after 8:00 PM.This they said was for protection of women.Anyone willing to hire women after 8:00 needs to tell the admin in advance and seek their permission

This is a classic case of punishing the victim and not the accuser and as per me is extremely shameful act .But this post is not about my views but about how people reacted on twitter world.



Here are some of the best funny but satirical twitter posts on the topic that i collected over the past 24 hours:I hope the administration reads all

Why only women can’t be out after 8? Let’s do the same for men – if you are out after 8 pm, you get arrested for rape. #gurgaon

#Gurgaon police to introduce new section for Rape commited after 8 PM…Rape with Consent

‏ @NameFieldmt

So men are like werewolves or something. They are saints till 8 pm and become barbaric rapists once the clock strikes 8. #Gurgaon

dear Gurgaon administration, wouldn’t it be simpler to ban men from the roads post 8 pm … ? #gurgaon

‏ @Nadlakha
Just because a couple of men can’t control an erection, women have to sit at home. What an idea! #gurgaon

Dear Administrations, also can you please earmark safe zones with in which we can pretend to exist freely.? Like zoo. Thanks.

Dear Administrations of NCR, we understand u can’t protect us after dark,can we only pay 50% of r taxes ? ( for only 50% protection)


Dear, Ladies of #Gurgaon kindly donate your bangles to local administration; they deserve it more than you

‏ @bharat_87

@GulPanag Judge: why did u rape tat women? Men: it ws 8:20 Judge: its okay #gurgaon

Brand ambassador for #gurgaon Ranjeet or Prem Chopra?

@GulPanag so men are demons ?? Before 8 they are friends.. As clock strikes 8.. ‘ ok lets rape ‘ #gurgaon #sadness

@Vidhu07 Planet of the Rapes #gurgaon movies #Delhi productions





4 responses to “Gurgaon: Preventing rape by banning women –Twitter responds”

  1. Abhisek Avatar

    This is totally shameless promotion of our weak system.I agree with most of the views expressed via various tweets.Nice post Madhur. 🙂

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    1. madhurchadha Avatar

      Thank you Abhishek ,Glad you liked it:)

      1. Rajeev Batra Avatar
        Rajeev Batra

        Good post Madhur! Just hope these don’t remain only on twitter and find their way out in the open, so that the administration can see what we think of them!

        1. madhurchadha Avatar

          I too hope so sir

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