Gurgaon: Preventing rape by banning women –Twitter responds

Recently Gurgaon , unofficial IT Hub and a hub for some of the biggest Malls in India , has been rocked by shocking incidences of rape of working women.

To combat this issue Gurgaon administration came out with a rule that Bans women from working in malls and pubs after 8:00 PM.This they said was for protection of women.Anyone willing to hire women after 8:00 needs to tell the admin in advance and seek their permission

This is a classic case of punishing the victim and not the accuser and as per me is extremely shameful act .But this post is not about my views but about how people reacted on twitter world.



Here are some of the best funny but satirical twitter posts on the topic that i collected over the past 24 hours:I hope the administration reads all

Why only women can’t be out after 8? Let’s do the same for men – if you are out after 8 pm, you get arrested for rape. #gurgaon

#Gurgaon police to introduce new section for Rape commited after 8 PM…Rape with Consent

‏ @NameFieldmt

So men are like werewolves or something. They are saints till 8 pm and become barbaric rapists once the clock strikes 8. #Gurgaon

dear Gurgaon administration, wouldn’t it be simpler to ban men from the roads post 8 pm … ? #gurgaon

‏ @Nadlakha
Just because a couple of men can’t control an erection, women have to sit at home. What an idea! #gurgaon

Dear Administrations, also can you please earmark safe zones with in which we can pretend to exist freely.? Like zoo. Thanks.

Dear Administrations of NCR, we understand u can’t protect us after dark,can we only pay 50% of r taxes ? ( for only 50% protection)


Dear, Ladies of #Gurgaon kindly donate your bangles to local administration; they deserve it more than you

‏ @bharat_87

@GulPanag Judge: why did u rape tat women? Men: it ws 8:20 Judge: its okay #gurgaon

Brand ambassador for #gurgaon Ranjeet or Prem Chopra?

@GulPanag so men are demons ?? Before 8 they are friends.. As clock strikes 8.. ‘ ok lets rape ‘ #gurgaon #sadness

@Vidhu07 Planet of the Rapes #gurgaon movies #Delhi productions

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8 PM Rape in gurgaon –Letter from men

Dear Gurgaon administration,
Today I have been informed that you have banned women from working beyond 8:00 PM to stop them from being raped. I write this letter in extreme delight and want to commend you on your fantastic work .
I want to thank you for clearing a lot of misconceptions we men folks have had since we were Rape in gurgaon OK after 8:00children, misconceptions that our parents taught us and misconceptions that we thought were right.
PS:This is a letter from a huge majority of men who still respect women and neither are or planned to become rapist. We are the ones who studied with women/girls in schools and colleges and work with them in offices
Here are a few

1. Women and men are Equal: . Women certainly are second class citizens who do not deserve to be protected beyond 8:00 PM. It’s ok for male criminals to roam on streets but not decent women.

2. Women should be respected: Thanks for clearing that after 8:00 its OK to be cosy with them, because they invited it.Dirt is not in men’s mind but in women’s clothes and time of the day

3.Some men are rapist: Thank you for telling us that after 8:00 every man on street is a potential rapist. Before 8:00 we are friends, colleagues,enemies of women but as the gong strikes 8 we undergo a change .

Also We want to thank you for helping our career.Since you might not be aware about the MAll culture of these times ,let me tell you that the real life starts @8PM. You need maximum manpower after 8:00 PM and since it is such a hassle to keep female employees after 8:00 in malls ,we can well be assured that manpower will remain (man)power and not have much in terms of women

Can I suggest some more reforms that will make the city even safer for women:
1. All mall owners should be required to dig a tunnel from the mall to a women employee’s house. This will make sure she is not forced to pass through a field of rapists on loose on streets.

Also these tunnels should be changed every week,to prevent any rapist(read men ) from finding the route
2. The cutoff time for women in offices should be decided by the latest time of rape committed.. Suppose a rape is committed @6:00 PM the cutoff should be revised to 6:00
3.No FIR for crime against women should be registered after the cut off time: This will make sure those BAD Ladies follow the cutoff enforcement

Also I would like to commend you for not following the lengthy methods that many scoundrels are saying are the right methods for fighting this menace such as

1. Increase security–You simply banned women, so good of you for saving the policemen from over work

2.Sensitize and educate men–When did education work anyways?

3.Ban alcohol: Many rapes are done by men under influence of alcohol, thank you for not banning alcohol and saving the livelihood of liqor mafia

4.Free self defense training to women: Poof why would you want to do that

5.Distribute pepper spray: Ohh why would you want women to injure the potential rapist? Pepper sprays are dangerous

6. Have decent streetlights in dark areas: Who would want to spend money on that

7.Push for stricter punishment for rapist: Come one rape is never committed but invited

8.Ban Men : If you can’t protect women ,some people suggest  that you should ban men on streets after 8:00. What fools they are sir, men and women are not equal as you clarified earlier

Thank you for not falling for peer pressure

Also read what twitter had to say about all this
By Madhur Chadha
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