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Dance of the monkeys…Hail Democracy

This is a very short post I am writing because i am completely disgusted by our politicians and worst of alll Media..

What Media asks Digivay singh:..Is RSS linked to Mumbai Blasts…

Digvijay replies–I Have proof that RSS is linked to violence but not in this case(He said Violence..)

What Media reports–Digvijay singh says RSS is terrorist organization and has a hand in Mumbai Blasts..

How RSS reacts…We are not violent and we will prove it by breaking chairs and disrupting any place where Digvijay comes….How dare he call us terrorists and how dare he say we had a hand in Blasts

Mumbai Attacks 2011
Mumbai doesnt need to know how sorry you are for their loss or how you stopped 99% attack or why Digvijay said RSS is terrorist. Please STOP this nonsense

Am I watching a bunch of monkeys here?…Is it me or has the media gone Mad or they think we are soo stupid? And RSS folks..Did u even listen to what Digvijay said? Worst of al,Digvijay singh,Stop it dude..You have something bring it out…. Help wounded Mumbaikars and stop these idiotic things.

RSS you call yourselves swayam sevak sangh? Please go to Mumbai and help people rather than breaking chairs> Spend your energies on making Mumbai safe, you have such a huge bunch of followers, ask them to train teh common man how to be more vigilant, Oh sorry Thats not YOUR JOB , your job is to simply make ruckus you are no better than the people you oppose

Media—Ok seriously NDTV ,ZEE you guys seriously should think of switching careers to daily soaps.heights of sensationalization

I Am yet to see any mature reaction from anyone ….Why can we have 1 just 1 of these 3 (govt,opposition and media) behave sensibly?

What i wanted to see and here is my Wish list or request list, whatever you want to call it

1. These So Called media doing something to help out the poor victims rather than showing tears and asking them about there loss

2. Government–Ask mr Diggy to Shut Up ,help mumbaikars and catch those Bloody terrorist and DONT MAKE ANY STATEMENTS condoling the victims and telling how good your police has been. Do YOUR JOB we are smart enough to see that. And Please Ask your pseudo Gandhi “Youth Icon” not to behave like Prime Minister and not to pass any statements about how many terror attacks were stopped. How does he even know? Is he the Home minister?

3.Opposition: You can have your political leverage later, Please Be united for once don’t put oil in fire, Do you know we indian people can see what you guys are doing? Atleast let Mumbai Heal partially.

4.Media–You are the biggest culprits, Dont show me the clippings of all terror attacks with re enactments and falshing headlines where you say one word/half sentences at a time

Kya Seekha Hamne isse

Kya hum surakshit hain

Kya ab mumbai kabhi so payega

Are you guys crazy?Are you making a Film? If yes ,please leave this job get into film industry, How would you ract if one of your family memebers was a victim of this?

Just DONT ASK whose responsible from our stupid politicians, Just focus on the tragedy at hand,Think about ways to help, educate people on how to be more alert, run educational campaigns but sorry THATS NOT YOUR JOB Right?

you constantly report how politicians are playing blame game and trying to take political leverage out of this tragedy, but what are you doing? Showing that again and again, be sensible.You think its wrong? Just dont AIR it, but sorry YOU HAVE TO AIR IT, thats what gives you TRPs right?

You know its ethically and morally wrong to take advantage but YOU WILL DO IT , I am sorry you are the biggest culprits. Politicians might have their Moral Compass aligned wrong but you claim to have it right and still do it.  You are like a prostitute who is protesting against a lady wearing jeans. Wow hands down to you

For once act mature, don’t add slide effects and remove your actor cum reporters ,get your act straight, you have the power to make a difference,stop making a fool of yourself and underestimating the intelligence of indians, we are SMART enough

Can anyone of you do this, Anyone means anyone. Just one person please act maturely

I wanted to keep this short enough but somehow I cant stop myself.Is it just me?


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