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Hoop Dancer

The night and day have long long parted
the party has just started

so here is my turn to climb the hoop
the music is playing In a loop

there is that girl dancing with her guy
don’t know if by the end will he stay

I stay here up hung by the peg
my dance steps hands head and then leg

now here comes the time for rotation
I extend my hands and every guy jumps in celebration

they raise their hands to touch
don’t understand wats the fun as such

its been a while since I danced below
from up above it seems so hollow

the place is called the kitty’s pride
it’s just a let out for animal side

don’t know if they are happy as hell
is it really how people gel

Its been a while, I’ll not know
I don’t think ,my love, this way I will show


hoop dancer





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