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Tag: Reflections

  • My problem with culture

    The problem of godifying our ancestors. What if some of them were morons ? Can you imagine we will be someones ancestor someday and whatever stupid things we do do might become tradition.

  • Growing Down

    This is a complete counterpoint of what you might think,because this is the way society teaches us but… Do kids focus on one task forever? Maybe they are telling us something. Its time to grow down a little. Stop trying to be good at one thing

  • Hoop Dancer

    The night and day have long long parted the party has just started so here is my turn to climb the hoop the music is playing In a loop

  • Managing Teams in NGOs–what doesn’t work..My Take

    Why many voluntary organizations fail ,why is it more difficult to sustain an NGO than a business. Most volunteers suffer from short changed conscience IE their conscience gets satisfied earlier than their potential . Some basic rules to follow—My Take

  • Types of optimistic People

    Types of optimism: So what type of an optimist are you?

  • Nostalgia ..The Complete Orignal Poem(Hindi) full text

    Missing your college days,your friends…:). This poem will take you to a journey back :)… You can listen to the audio

  • A Letter To ME from me

    stading on the mountains i climed… hearing the chains in my legs chime.. i try to listen to you… in silence i try to find a voice.. passing a bondage as a choice… i still try to listen to you.. i have all but nothing have i.. i feel claustrophobic in this limitless sky.. i…

  • Guilty For not being guilty enough

    have you ever felt guilty for not feeling guilty enough….i mean…u know u did something wrong..knowingly or unkowingly..u know that and you are supposed to feel for it…but all u feel is this just a glimpse of guilt…on the contrary u feel guilty for not feeling guilty enough…am i emoitionless…maybe…m i the Bad man ..:P…donno…now…