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One Million Magi- English Poem

I am the spirit of my times, anonymous and numberless, I am occupy, I am love

Seeing the cheer of the festive season and the despairing faceless alleyways

I am suddenly more than, more real than, more people than I ever have been

And I hear the earth calling, the bodhisattvas of the earth calling, a million magi.

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When the umbrella is gone

And so it poured ,

Like heavens had given up,

Like it was the end.

The thunder was deafening,

like it wanted to say something,

or prevent something being said.

There was a time I loved the rain,

I danced , I jumped and thumped my chest

But now

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Poet Lemon Andersen

Found another poet par excellence, when he recites he not only gives poem a musical touch but also involves his whole body in the process.

His motto is pretty similar to mine, I want to bring poetry to everyone , he wants to make people who hate poetry to love him.

If people love him ,they by extension will love his work which is poetry. Liked this thought….

here is a Ted talk by him..

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