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A Letter To ME from me

stading on the mountains i climed…
hearing the chains in my legs chime..
i try to listen to you…
in silence i try to find a voice..
passing a bondage as a choice…
i still try to listen to you..
i have all but nothing have i..
i feel claustrophobic in this limitless sky..
i am trying to listen and listen to you..
i m trying to listen but dont hear..
maybe you have fell silent out of fear..
hey me ,i want to listen to you..
you are there i know..
but covered yourself with this dark snow..
maybe when the time is right youll show..
maybe when the time is right youll show..
hey me,dont wait
try to come before its too late..
~written by me to me






2 responses to “A Letter To ME from me”

  1. Atrisa Avatar

    Aww sounds romantic. From you to you? I don't think so 😛

  2. MADDY Avatar

    Romantic :P…i never thought it that way..My idea was about people chasing a dream throughout their lives..and finally finding that it was not what they want…But since you pointed out …yeaaah..it can be used in kinda romantic situations also :P…

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