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Music to help you concentrate

I never really understood instrumental music for a long long time. I always missed the words, the lyrics and always thought that it was the words that gave a piece the soul, the emotion ,until I got introduced to the music of the masters :Mozart , Beethoven and the likes

Now I may sound like a  pretentious snob when I say “Oh I listen to Mozart” but the reality is , I never even listened to them seriously for a long long time(at least not as pieces) until I decided to give it a listen while searching for some music to help me concentrate.

It is now been about a year or two listening to the music of these greats and I could not have been happier with myself . I now realize how music affects your emotions, how it can make you feel happy, sad, chirpy and contemplative .How simple shift in notes can trigger so many emotions that it is hard to explain.

I not only give it a listen, I seem to now have favorites as well, I actually like Mozart over any other musician , somehow his music is more powerful .I do not possess enough music vocabulary to pin point what I like about his music but all I can say is that it makes me feel more immersed and also helps me focus much much better .

So thanks to YouTube , here I wanted to share some YouTube videos I listen to quite often . These are collection of works of various greats







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