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What would you do?

Every person some time in his/her life is faced with situations that shake their faith. It may be triggered by small things such as seeing someone else act the way you acted and hating them for it,then suddenly realising that you were also like that or big ones such as losing THE one
When things suddenly take nosedive, things change so rapidly that you are unable to get a grip, the life you so carefully meticulously planned and crafted now falls apart. Your decisions become reactive and not based on what you actually want.You let life flow in the most comfortable direction not the planned path.
There are 2 options here,
1: take a step back and rethink, do you want to react to all that is happening?If not then start recrafting things.Oh yes, life does not move the way it is supposed to move all the time , moving with it is your choice. Life is not like a river which flows where there is slope ,it is by definition alive,kicking and thinking. Take back control
2:Let it happen:Some people may argue that that is the most appropriate solution ,but is it for you? That is your call. The biggest risk here is that you may be caught in such a loop of going with the flow that the flow never stops.You are always flowing to a random place. Are you ready for this?
The counter argument can be that ,somethings are beyond your control, let them happen ,do not fight rather preserve your energies

What would you do?





2 responses to “What would you do?”

  1. Divyesh Patel Avatar
    Divyesh Patel

    A thought that can be pondered over for hours…something so much related to what’s going on in everybody’s life, no matter how old or young, rich or poor, that person is..

    1. madhurchadha Avatar

      Thank you Divyesh,
      You are very right , this question is independent of age or status..its about choices we make and why we make those choices

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