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8 days in Wilderness- Trip to North East-Post 1:Preparation

Finally all set to go on a long awaited trek to the beautiful North East. I along with 6 other classmates from ISB are heading out to a 8 day trek to Goechala starting 7th of this month(tommorow–yeaaa).

Will head out to Kolkata via flight then to jalpaiguri via train and then to Yuksom(Where our trek starts) via road . Last time I was on such a long trip was when I , along with two of friends drove from East to West Coast of US , that too when it was snowing. I had blogged about that trip every day as it was happening, every incident was fresh, every memory vivid and every experience unreal

Day By Day detail of out Great American road trip across US : Starting from Day 1. Every day has a separate post

Short version of the Great american road trip across US

Sadly that cannot be replicated here, forget wifi, forget cellphone connection, we have been told that even electricity would be hard to find.

Goecha La Pass in Sikkim
Goecha La Pass in Sikkim:
Picture Source:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Kabru_Complex.jpg . User : Shillika

I believe none of our cellphone and camera batteries would last beyond day 3-4. So the probability of pictures would be less. I could record my memories after  I come back , but that would be not completely true, I would not be able to do justice to every single day, my memory and my experience would be clouded by the most vivid and maybe the most recent wonder I see. Last time I recorded every day, I was able to capture my euphoria and sheer wonder of every day.

So to over come this bias I am carrying my trusted pen and paper and also a voice recorder  In case I am unable to write. I have been told that this recorder can record way more than I would ever need.Actually I don’t remember how much , but it was a lot :).

Anyways, Plan to record what I see every day , on the way and post it one day at a time when I am back :).

Wish me luck

Stuff I am taking(Apart from normal clothes etc etc):

  1. Lot of warm clothes
  2. Extra batteries(3 pairs),
  3. Torch etc
  4. Medicines(Especially Altitude sickness),
  5. Hiking ShoesOnly woodland had it :(, Sad smiley because I generally avoid leather and Woodland is all leather. If anyone knows an alternative, would love to know. Will post here also for anyone who is buying
  6. Rain Coat
  7. Paper ,Pen ,Voice recorder, a book,book light

A very short checklist for me this is 🙂

DID I Miss anything Major? Any travel Tips?





4 responses to “8 days in Wilderness- Trip to North East-Post 1:Preparation”

  1. Priya Vadaya Avatar
    Priya Vadaya

    Cherish the amazing moments to connect with nature… it is divine… and north east has a very different charm… happy and a safe journey! Have momos! 😀 and wai wai noodles! 😀

  2. Mr Unreasonable Avatar

    Thanks Priya 😀 Will do —–

  3. manjulikapramod Avatar

    Have a great trip Madhur n we look forward to read more about ur adventure..
    U look all set n well prepared.. especially the idea of carrying the voice recorder is great..

    1. Madhur Avatar

      Thankss Manjulika 🙂

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