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Dream Chaser

Acrylic painting Dream Chaser

Original Acrylic Painting

My feet hurt,

legs have given up.

My only support the wooden stick ,

that I broke from a dead tree,

seems to cry out of pain.

The destination is far,

farther than anyone thought.

No lights ,no maps,

with only the moon as my guide

I walk.

Just another day for me it is,

I am a Dream Chaser






5 responses to “Dream Chaser”

  1. Priya Arora Avatar

    Wow Madhur! that was nice!

  2. Nidhi Arora Avatar
    Nidhi Arora

    what would the world do wihtout your ilk?

  3. Madhur Chadha Avatar
    Madhur Chadha

    Thank you Priya:D…Trying to combine poetry and paintings

  4. Madhur Chadha Avatar
    Madhur Chadha

    😀 Thanks Nidhi

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