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working for an ngo

Top 5 reasons to volunteer for an NGO

Why working for an NGO can be extremely rewarding

1. You make strategies for the country/world

While in schools and colleges you plan to change a few things here and there, in an NGO your plans can go much beyond. You plan and strategize to change the country ,the world . Your targets are not 1 week or 2 weeks but spread across years and decades.

2. Better networking:

This is the best networking you can possibly get. In the corporate world your networks are based on mutual benefit ,but in NGO it’s for a common goal. In most other types of networking ,your Network is a list of your acquaintances but, in the NGO world it is a list of people who become your best buddies,your mentors ,people you respect and people who respect you.

3.Lesser Egos:

It has been observed  that behavior of people change when they are in a situation where they are reminded of moral values and idealism, such as near Schools,In churches and  in temples.This is exactly why when you meet truly dedicated people in an NGO you will see their Guards down, people become much more open,much more ready to change and much more inclined to listen to all points of view.Suddenly there can be order in the chaos of an NGO decision-making process.

4.It opens your mind:

Try working with any NGO and you will see what I mean,you gain a sense of perspective and start seeing the impact of small things. You realize what is more important


The chances of being a leader or learning leadership are much more in NGO sector than any other. It takes about 4-5 years to become a team lead in an IT field but in an NGO you could be doing that the moment you join.It all depends on what you are willing to do .It is not necessary to even join them full-time.

More importantly, you can learn the meaning of true leadership very early on such as

  • Post does not matter as much as the work/role
  • Difference between enforced leadership and earned leadership
  • Importance of NOT being a leader sometimes
  • How to be a good follower
  • How to motivate people

While I did point out various Pros of working with NGOs ,I am not discounting the exposure and experience you get in the corporate sector.This article is simply to point out some of the very unique takeaways from NGO sector.

My personal belief is that your learnings and personal growth can be accelerated by working for an ngo  . Remember when you join an NGO ,you are not just doing it for giving back to society, but are also gaining much more .

Lead India 2020
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13 responses to “Top 5 reasons to volunteer for an NGO”

  1. Prahalathan Avatar

    Hey, Can I post this on our Blog http://www.bhumi.org.in/blog

    1. madhurchadha Avatar

      Please spread the good word. I sent you an email about some things you might have to take care of

  2. Prahalathan Avatar

    Hey, Can I post this on our Blog http://www.bhumi.org.in/blog

    1. madhurchadha Avatar

      Please spread the good word. I sent you an email about some things you might have to take care of

  3. ayush jha caliber Avatar

    awesome work dude..i work in ngo, but my time devotion to it and money , and physical effort takes me down , now i can give my mind much more reasonable logics why to put so much efforts.i learned also team work, realized it. planing ,execution, control , manging events is what i learned. very well.. thank you friend.

    1. admin Avatar

      I am so glad it helped you in any way 🙂 Very happy
      Thank you so much for commenting

  4. kiran Avatar

    Do i get any benifit after join ngo

    1. madhuradmin Avatar

      the article is about that only 🙂

    2. sushil mishra Avatar
      sushil mishra

      I am join with our organisation

  5. Raj Tamang Avatar
    Raj Tamang

    Excuse me my dear friends my name is Raj Tamang from Kadamtala,Siliguri Darjeeling West Bengal.I want join NGO, but I’m very new in this matter so what I have to do for that ? Kindly please help me to get some few ideas about NGO. Because I want to make my MANDIR popular which is under develop so please help me so I can help the poor people through it.
    Thank you
    yours faithfully
    Raj Tamang.

    1. madhuradmin Avatar

      Serve the people instead of worshipping an idol and that will be service–
      Close the mandir and make an orphanage and that would be service–

      “my MANDIR popular” : The three mistakes of your goal

  6. Dipok kor Avatar
    Dipok kor

    We are a social warking ngo

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