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  • Top 5 lyrical songs on youtube -English

    When listening to songs , do you listen to the lyrics? Many songs have very powerful inspiring lyrics and poetic quality.Presenting top 5 songs from youtube

  • 5 Poets and performances that inspired me

    Some of the best poets and spoken word performances from youtube that have inspired me .Listen to some of their best works and see if it connects

  • Never good enough

    There are points in your life when you have felt that you get more than you deserved or your success and credit you got was disproportionate of the amount of effort you put in. Maybe people are just exaggerating .

  • Top 5 reasons to volunteer for an NGO

    Top 5 reasons to volunteer for an NGO

    Should you volunteer to work with an NGO? A take on the uniqe takeaways from NGO sector.You gain much more by volunteering to work with an NGO than what you give back. It accelerates your personal growth and hones your leadership skills.

  • The Great American Road trip

    How three guys travelled 3300 miles to realize what they were looking for was always around them. A journey from east to west coast of US..Come be a part

  • Nostalgia of Nostalgia

    Remembering Nostalgia–ode to college life. Its been a year since it was released and i am still amazed

  • Hello Hello RJ madhur here

    fulfilled a childhood dream to be on radio,became a RJ.if you want your poetry to be heard on radio send it to Alfaaz on mera sangeet!/merasangeet

  • Life Goes on

    There will be a time when u’l fail, a time when u will fall down, u wil wish dat this life should stop, because what you expected you dint get but mark these wrds as footsteps in ur mind, Dont weep dont mourn because wHateva happens this life goes on…

  • Tantrum throwers –Day 4 of 10 days for change

    Day 4 starts with a ride in HOT HOT hyderabad weather at 1:PM.What better start My repeated request to server team of lead india 2020 seem to have fell on deaf ears and have not received any response, but mein bhi dheet hoon…Lead india is conducting a master training camp in Oasis school on saturday […]

  • Day 2 of “10 days to change”..Young guns of India

    Feels like interacting with Narayan Murthis of tomorrow.Slate India,Nirmaan and finally Lead india 2020. Also,launching a website that will be tested by 8000+users …please dont fail 🙂 Total brainstorming of the day: 7+hrs..m loving it