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Never good enough

Painting by Vincet William van goghIf you are reading this, this article is just for you. You probably have felt like this or still feel like this about yourself for various things.

There are points in your life when you have felt that you get more than you deserved or your success and credit you got was disproportionate of the amount of effort you put in. Maybe people are just exaggerating .

Maybe you identify with this poem

People tend to trust you more than you trust yourself ,you sometimes feel you are not ready for the responsibilities being thrust on you.You didn’t really do that much

Is there something wrong with you?

Not really, many people suffer from this .When I say suffer ,it is because it is irritating and disappointing. When people around you celebrate  your success, you are never completely involved because deep down inside you feel you could have done much more.

While you can take a positive spin-off to this by saying that

  • -You tend to be more humble and overconfidence remains at bay
  • -You tend to give more effort the next time
  • -You respect others because you feel everyone can do so

But again there are some downsides to this

  • -You may not be completely confident
  • -You may not take up bigger challenges because you do not feel ready enough
  • -You will not enjoy the moment completely


So what is the solution?

The middle path : Start giving yourself some credit, for God’s sake think about it,if it was so easy everyone would have done it. It is not just the result that you achieved but also the fact that it was YOU who took that initiative is aplaudable.Pat yourself for that and start accepting the fact that the success had something to do with YOU. YOU are the reason and a missing piece of the puzzle.

Start believing in your abilities and have faith. YOU have something that others don’t have. It might sound overconfident and your psyche might not accept this fact initially ,but sometime’s its important.Only then can you become truly confident, you will start realising that it is not that tough,contrary to popular belief  you will start being more accommodating of other people,you will  realise that it is easy to motivate people to overachieve as that line is not too far.Being successful is not that tough,all it takes is taking the first step.





4 responses to “Never good enough”

  1. uma Avatar

    Interesting!! I came in because this familiar painting was a part of my poem once 🙂 and the positive points you gave here seems that you have carefully chosen this picture so it might attract the souls which needs some healing 🙂 Good work!

    1. Madhur Avatar

      Spot ON uma 🙂
      Thank you for your comment.
      Yes had to really dig up this image. Finding the right image from public domain images is sometimes tough but worth the effort

  2. Jyoti Mishra Avatar

    Stumbled upon your web space just by luck..
    n m so glad I did..

    awesome space u have here… well composed writing with that awesome link in b/w was worth a read..
    following(stalking) u now..
    lookin forward to new posts.. 🙂

    1. madhurchadha Avatar

      Thanks a lot Jyoti..your comment made my day..Glad to have a stalker follower like you 🙂

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