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Gift Certificate -Does it make sense?

There are various things in this world that are hard to understand and one of them being the use of gift certificate.

Why would anyone want to give a gift certificate at all?

The entire concept of gift giving is that you spent some time thinking about what the other person might like and bought it for Gift certificate usesthem , it’s the thought that counts..right?

So where exactly does Gift certificate fit in? It just shows that either you are too lazy to buy a gift or too lazy to try and find what the other person might want or maybe, you just want to give the other person the freedom to choose what they want.

If your reason is to give them the freedom then why on earth bind them to a shop by giving a gift certificate?

Why not simply give them cash?

I mean at one point you acknowledge that you do not know what the other person might like then you give them a gift certificate  telling them , you better like something from this place?

Its inefficient, wastes paper  and as per me shows no thought

What do you guys think?





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