Gift Certificate -Does it make sense?

There are various things in this world that are hard to understand and one of them being the use of gift certificate.

Why would anyone want to give a gift certificate at all?

The entire concept of gift giving is that you spent some time thinking about what the other person might like and bought it for Gift certificate usesthem , it’s the thought that counts..right?

So where exactly does Gift certificate fit in? It just shows that either you are too lazy to buy a gift or too lazy to try and find what the other person might want or maybe, you just want to give the other person the freedom to choose what they want.

If your reason is to give them the freedom then why on earth bind them to a shop by giving a gift certificate?

Why not simply give them cash?

I mean at one point you acknowledge that you do not know what the other person might like then you give them a gift certificate  telling them , you better like something from this place?

Its inefficient, wastes paper  and as per me shows no thought

What do you guys think?

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If readership was like relationship,Breaking up would be hard



What if  blogging was really a relationship. Relationship between author and readers?

If blogger and reader had a relationship
Breakup would be hard

I was recently reading a blog about “Breaking up with a blog” where the author Hajra listed top reasons for stopping to read a blog. She listed reasons like annoying popups etc as a reason she stopped visiting a blog.

But the topic made me think, what if it really was like a relationship and all rules of breakup applied?What if you need to officially breakup before you stoppped reading a website :P..what could be the reasons of breakup

1. The blogger would have a hard time as there might be potentially 100s of breakups every month…A 100 heartbreaks every month 😛

2.It would be hard to argue over things like.. what i said and what you said.the blog would have everything documented

3.What if you want to start reading it again? It will be like mending the old bridges

4. There would be no loss of old good memories as a simple archive would pull out everything like fresh 🙂

Top reasons for breakup could be something like:

1. Its so difficult to reach you ,you dont let me in (if comment section is difficult to find)

2.You dont express your feelings(if the reader doesn’t comment)

3. You don’t value my feelings(if blogger doesn’t respond)

4.You give others more importance in your life(if the blogger doesn’t reply to your comments specifically)

5. You are always about Me Me and Me and not Us(if blogger talks mostly of himself)

6. You dont listen to me,you just hear me not listen. (If the reader usually leaves the same comment such as “Nice,Good work”)

7. You always compare,stop being so self centered(if all the reader does is give a link to his/her blog n comments)

8. There is someone else in my life..(If reader finds another site/blog where he/she spends most of her/his time)…this one would be funny

ok  this is getting a little wierd now :P…What do you think could be the top reasons to breakup here? and have you broken up with any site/blog yet?

I am trying to breakup with

because I am really unhappy with soo much ads , but I am unable to ,just because i am so used to it, i guess i need to move on but its hard to let go 😛

So again,what site you have broke off with and why?Or is there some site you want to breakup with up but unable to 😛 like a bad relationship


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Reflections Simply Random

What inspires me to write..for whom I write..the real truth…deepest secrets

Over the years people have asked me what really drives me,what inspires me to write. When and why did I start writing. Well guys let me tell you frankly what it was. It was a movie,yes a movie . A general movie,nothing great in the script,villans,hero,heroin…rape scene etc etc. But it was no the script but the brilliant dialogs. The Dialogs of the movie were simply sugar to the ears,so poetic so pleasing to teh ears and so apt. It was like i was listening to a play by Shakespeare but in hindi.

I listened to the dialogs again and again and again untill i felt asleep .Instead of songs, these dialogs became my sleeping aid. I woke up with them ,i slept with them and i always thought about them.

Finally i decided I will write,write until I write something equally matchable,something that can be counted in the same league as those brilliant dialogs. Its been 10 years now and I am still trying to write like that ,sadly I havent even achieved even 10% of what I want.

Will I ever be able to write my masterpiece? Will i even be able to write like that. Maybe..maybe on my last day in this world

What inspires me to write
Why are you reading this? Its just a dumb pen stand. You want an explanation for this?



For those interested in viewing a pefect indian shakespear here is a link to my inspiration


Please do comment and let me know if you liked it?


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Humor Reflections

BT(boys talk) the awkward conversation

Found out an old piece I thought interesting enough to share

Everyone must have heard the word GT(girl talk),its when two girls talk about things and do not let their Guy friends know about it. its a conversation between two women/girls that is secret and protected from all men,what goes on there is something that I feel,being a guy I am not capable enuf to decribe or even guess,but have you ever heard the phrase BT(guys talk) or MT(mens talk).Well not too much I guess,I do not know if many guys subscribe to this philisophy or not because I never discussed this with other guys but most men dont really chat too much with other men.Here is a typical chat between two friends(may i say best friends).I have gone thru this routine atleast 1000 times

F1 sees F2 online

//start with pleasentries

F1: Hi

F2: Hey dude How are you

F1:M good you temme

F2:M good too

….awkward silence………

…they try to talk about work..

F1; So hows work

F2:Ya good

F2:Wat bout you

F1: Ya good..hey u in which company….still with Infy kya..(same question is repeated everytime you have a conv)

F2:Ya and you

F1 ya same


….gettimg more generic to include almost everything in this world……

F2; So wassup…anythin new

F1:No same old and you

F2:Same here


……………..switching to hindi/punjabi to include some interest….

F1:Hor dasso…zindagi kaisi chal ri..

F2:Sab khair hai aap ki dua se….kuch khaas nahin…

……….the age old question comes up…………EVERYTIME

F1: Ladki shadki mili ki nahin

F2:Nahi bhai hamari aisi kismat kahaan…aap batao

F2 No man no luck………..

……..Silence…….F2 goes offline online multiple times between this time…………..

F2:sorry was disconnected


………..Silence…………….f2 tries to divert to weather

F2: Aur Kidda US

F1:Bas vadiya

F2:Is it cold there

F1: Yeaah….

F2:Here too


Both Give up…

F1..chal bhai ..g2g

F2:Yeaah Ok..bbye dude

F1 BBye stay in touch

F2 Sure

Everytime the same converstaion is repeated with little variations like plesentaries in Hindi “Namashkaaram”,failed attempts at humor ,”Babuji kaise ho”…….Aur ladkibaz………or abe kaisa hai be…..

and yes not to mention the utterly failed attempts at using smilies…:):) :D:D:D…the only two smilies used,dont know the reason but it just doesnt work with guys. It worlks like a charm when a guy is talking to a girl but not guy to guy…..somehow the fun, the punch is missing..

We are not really meant for chatting i guess.Put us in a room.give us a beer(or green tea in my case;),switch on a match and yeaah we are ready for some male bonding,but chat? No way….The only exceptions being when we are fighting or arguing over some matter,When it becomes a matter of pride :P,but generic chit chat,how was ur day kinda stuff is just wierd….

My male college friends just know that I am in US and its cold here and yes I vsited such and such places and have no GF 😛 ,and thats exactly what I know about them:P…….

But yes somehow the female friends(NOT GF) its different,they know how many pics I took,they know that i brushed with my shaving cream today:P:P..what I can cook etc etc and the conversations are filled with smilies with 😛 taking the place of simple :)……with a dash of :X and ;( in them……

I know there are exceptions .and i do not mean to say  that the guy friends are not close enuf,actually they are much closer friends…..but somehow we cant chat…..maybe i am wrong…lemme know 🙂

BTW i would be highly obliged if some girl comes up and enliglighten us on GT


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