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Paintings By Poet

As some of you might know, I have been experimenting with colors lately , acrylic colors on canvas to be precise. I posted a few of my paintings earlier, wanted to share two more that I painted recently.

Tejimala : Abstract Canvas painting in One color

This is an abstract painting using just one color Black. The story of the title is interesting, I showed this painting to one of my friends Nivedita and the first thing she said was that it reminded her of Tejimala. Tejimala is a story found in some books of 1,2nd  standard, something we all might have read as kids. A quick google search of the complete story and 5 mins of reading convinced me that this painting had to be dedicated to Tejimala. Google the name, you will get the story. Simple and nostalgic

Tejimala - Acrylic Abstract Painting in One color


ISB benches: Canvas Painting

Worried with me always painting things with a black or depressing blue undertone, my mom wanted me to paint something bright..so here it is…It reminds them of ISB benches …hence the name:)

Indian School of Business Painting






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