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As some of you might know, I have been experimenting with colors lately , acrylic colors on canvas to be precise. I posted a few of my paintings earlier, wanted to share two more that I painted recently.

Tejimala : Abstract Canvas painting in One color

This is an abstract painting using just one color Black. The story of the title is interesting, I showed this painting to one of my friends Nivedita and the first thing she said was that it reminded her of Tejimala. Tejimala is a story found in some books of 1,2nd  standard, something we all might have read as kids. A quick google search of the complete story and 5 mins of reading convinced me that this painting had to be dedicated to Tejimala. Google the name, you will get the story. Simple and nostalgic

Tejimala - Acrylic Abstract Painting in One color


ISB benches: Canvas Painting

Worried with me always painting things with a black or depressing blue undertone, my mom wanted me to paint something here it is…It reminds them of ISB benches …hence the name:)

Indian School of Business Painting


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Indian School of Business Valedictory Speech

This is the full text and Video of my  Valedictory speech at ISB. A Valedictory speech is like a farewell speech or a graduation speech given on last days of school or college. 


I was very confused on what to speak about,I could not figure out

So let me first tell you what I will not speak about

I will not speak about how lovely the campus is or lovely friends we made, how this was the best year of our life and how we are missing things already . I will also not speak about any scandals and there will be no mention of any specific incidences


This is not a rant of an idiot, but a reflection of realizations, that some of us have had. Some of the experiences are mine and some I observed while interacting with other people.I do talk to others you see…contrary to popular opinion


I learnt that the best people could be the ones who seem worst initially

and the worst,..or let me be politically correct..Second best could be the ones who seemed to be awesome


I learnt that you should not judge people quickly

and that everyone has some unique skill or knowledge that can leave you awed ..awed not awwwww


I learnt that you cannot judge a book by its cover

though a good cover could help you charge a premium



I learnt that halo effect exists, and to break it

all it takes is taking that first step


I learnt that it is OK to question everything

But not EVERYTHING man… come on..CP Kings and queens


I learnt that there may not be right answers

just right decisions


I learnt the importance of groups

and that a team is always better than an individual

even if there are free riders and constant naggers


I learnt that it is good to free ride sometimes, it is actually uplifting , it helps you puncture your bloated ego

and that you need to let some people free ride to return the favor


I realized that free riding can be fun too

especially if you have a deans list hopeful as your group member

My official apologies to some of my group members


I learnt that arguments do help

and when you want to kill someone because they are not getting your point of view, that is the moment you are learning


I learnt to look at things from a different glass

think with a different cap.

And agree to points for which ,I felt as if  I  was betraying myself

I learnt that it is easy to criticize anything, a company a school or an individual–Faffing works

And so it is to find the positive side of things


I learnt that most cases are written only in hindsight

but on the field it may be just a battle of wits , courage and resolve


I learned that it is so easy to strike a chord with some and too difficult with many

and that  beautiful girls are not arrogant–some of them are..Half of the men in the audience are saying ” Haan beta , angoor khatte hain”


I realized that stupidity knows no boundary

but you can be stupid enough to not identify the sheer brilliance behind it


I realized that sometimes you need to force yourself into pictures

but it never works


I realized that core groups are important but not mandatory

and that groups change

in the blink of an eye , before you could ask, “Lets catch up for coffee”


I realized that it is sometimes important to shout to be heard

but people who shout  always are usually never respected

I felt what rage feels like when someone who got our dream job

says..heck I didn’t really want this..will not join–You scumbags


I realized that corruption in the given scenario can be good

I learned how to look at things objectively without putting a  moral code on them


I realized that meeting  your best friends is not dependent on time

you can find your best friends and even soul mates at the very last day of school–there is still hope


I realized how much fun it can be to dance on stage even with two left feet

and that there is something called a supportive audience

and that practice is also fun

Even when you are not sure if you would perform


I realized you can overcome your fears one at a time…

just don’t take them all at once


I realized that there are people who do help others

because they actually enjoy it..salute to you guys

 <ask for applause>

I realized that it is OK to ask for applause

it massages you ego, wakes up the audience and is better than cold calling


There are volunteers who work for respect and not awards and positions

there are people who can look beyond the obvious


I realized that not getting anything from a lecture is almost always your fault

And in class how awesome it feels to be in presence of sheer brilliance


I realized the futility of asking an intelligent question to someone who invented the concept

and debating  a paragraph with the book’s author


I realized that the learning is not in the numbers and the case outputs

but the change in the way you think

And that this is difficult to measure

and hence  I decree that “ grades do not reflect your true  potential….”


I realized that I can pass on any decree and there will be some people who might fall for it

and that 80% of the facts and figures are just made up


I realized that one of the best person to know is always sitting next to you

and that it would be unwise to not say hello..

I realized that some people always start projects with the enthu equivalent to someone who is about to change the course of history by going back in time and killing Hitler or starting a family on mars or is about to reveal that He is Batman


Most never finish or just fizzle out.


I realized that an approach to start slow and build the momentum can be much more stable and successful.

As they say..they key is in the foreplay


I realized what conditioning and Anchoring is when the food outside campus suddenly feels cheap

When you are ready to spent for a room’s rent an amount equivalent to a full 2bhk house you lived in before


I realized that you can survive without sleep for at least 32 hours

and there is no assignment or a project that a night out cannot finish


Add a few group members and you could be done by dinner…

but again you will spend the night fighting over how it can be improved….children



I realized that things change but somethings do not

Like tea ..Always helps you stay awake in class

and sleep which even when pushed to limits keeps bouncing back

and that it is almost impossible to be happy when your closest friends are not

and that you can always sit and start singing cheepda songs and attract a good crowd

and that all of us are going to miss something..which we will know when are gone

Madhur Chadha

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Veer tum bade chalo

Does this happen to you? When you have a lot to study you study nothing . In this madness of not doing

Me fighting exams
Ready for exams

anything while there is so much to do, the mind starts playing tricks with you, everything in this world looks brighter,the weather is just too awesome, you suddenly get an urge to write poetry, you feel like learning something new,wikipedia becomes your friend….

In such instance of madness one of my fellow ISBian starts posting poetry and I suddenly become too creative in replying to him in is a sample I wrote

Veer tum bade chalo
DHeer tum bade chalo
CFIN ki lalkaar ho
MADAM ki pukaar ho
Path se tum hato nahi
Neend se sato nahi

Coffe pe coffe peeta ja
Tu panne bhar bhar likhta ja
na kitaab Kholi kabhi
asiignment bhi kari nahi
to aaj tum date raho
Kitaab ke sang baithe raho

bas chand lamhe aur hain
Kuch hi panne aur hain
ye waqt bhi nikal jayega
kisi tarah kat jayega


You really thought
Yes I DID..
Meme Taken From Farzinews
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iDiya -National Social Venture Competition by Indian School of Business #iDiya

Every year Indian School of Business pulls up its socks to conduct iDiya ,  the only Social venture competition targeted at working professionals and early stage social ventures.

So What is a Social Venture:? A social venture is a profit-making sustainable business that works towards solving a social problem. This venture generates its own revenues,earns its own profits and solves the problem.

For eg: Hyderabad Goes Green, a for profit venture that is helping Hyderabadi’s  go green.

I have a strong belief that social ventures are the future,they are the ones that will make the next big impact .

So if you already have a social venture or even if you have an idea and want to test it out , I urge you to apply to iDiya. If selected ,you not only will be given a 1 week boot camp at ISB where they will train you on how to start but also will get a chance to pitch to VCs and investors.They already have over 1.35 crores funds available.Some of the biggest names in this sector are partners with iDiya.

To register :

Promo Video:

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