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Fight Against corruption– A leaderless movement–This time its personal

India is currently witnessing a very unique movement. A movement to pass Jan Lokpal.

Jan Lokpal as you all are aware is a bill which has been hanging since 42 years and basically creates an entire new powerful organization that has enough powers to punish the corrupt. Read my previous post if you are unaware


How to support jan lokpal
Why Anna Hazare’s Victory is so essential for us

This is led by a 70+ years old man called Anna Hazare.


India Rising for jan lokpal
India Rising for jan lokpal

Now why is this unique. This fight is unique because its not simple, it talks about not just ending corruption but a very intricate bill. This bill if passed might even require constitutional amendments.This complexity has led to various debates over the past many days namely on

1. Is the bill really required?

2.Are Anna’s Methods justified

This debate is not among politicians and personalities but common men and women, the common man or the mango people as we are referred to  is reading about law and pros and cons of a bill to be tabled at an enormous rate. Every day there are discussions in offices, facebook,twitter ,trains,buses and public forums. Facts are brought out, constitution is discussed, history is stated and people talk. Not About ANNA Hazare but about the Bill.

Yes there is a big percentage on both sides that doesn’t  underatand what its all about and focuses only on supporting or being against Anna, but that percentage is decresing. People are forming their own opinions, its happening slowly.People are being forced to google out, read both drafts to counter each other,point by point ,section by section. They are looking at debates at a much intellectual level.

Its not just emotions anymore, its more,its the bill. I have met many people who are on the streets not because Anna is there ,but because Bill makes sense to them.  I have seen people changing opinions, this can happen only if people are thinking.

My Civics teacher would be happy to know I learned more about civics in last 1 week than a whole year. I bet its true for many people.

No-one is alienated, its not just a struggle of villagers but even of scientists ,Engineers, lawyers and NRIs.

I call this movement leaderless because it truly is becoming one. Yes Anna Hazare is there but he seems to have very skillfully made this struggle not about him. Today ask any supporter of the movement, “Now what? Anna is out of Jail” and he will tell you, My protest was not about Anna, but about the Bill.

People understand that its a long fight, yes interests might wane, thats what the govt wants but the debates are still on. And untill people are thinking the  fight is On. A certain polarization is happening, more people read ,more they talk more they strengthen their beliefs and that’s why this is a unique movement.

Its becoming intellectual, not just a Leader worship.Its slow but its happening and thats what the government should now be scared of. Anna is now a connector not the leader. People are the true leaders.

The Cause is slowly becoming more important than the Leader, Biggest example is many Anti-Lokpall people also respect Anna because they understand, its not Anna people are fighting for but the Lokpal,i think this is what the corrupt need to be scared of

People might soon know more about the functioning of our democracy than the corrupt are comfortable with, people now  know how to file grievances, they now know about private member bills and this opens a flood gate of people urging their local MP to table new laws, ask specific questions which they now can watch on TV.

These things existed but people either never used them or bothered to really know them ,but now, their civics is being refreshed.

The more this agitation goes ahead, more people will be educated and better will the debates become , Anna is that leader who is now like a facilitator, its becoming people’s personal Fight and that’s what matters. Every word kapil sibal speaks is being taken as a personal attack, you know why , because this is not about Anna Hazare or congress or BJP, its about Me and You.People are their own lawyers….. This time,its personal!!!




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