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Friends—Day 3-10 days for change

So those who have been following the first 2 days…i Have been trying to develop a basic social networking site for Lead India 2020.

Was trying to install some plugins on Lead India site but failed because of some FTP error. Still trying to go back an forth with the tech team who doesnt seem too keen on helping 🙂

Have seen this with all teams that control the server,they just don’t want to give up any access. Anyways the pressure is On 🙂
But it was a fun day,finally met Yamini and rohit . Its ben a long due meeting,have known her for 5 years now.Planned to spend the night at their place in Hyderabad.

Watched the movie called “You dont mess with Zohan”. This is a must watch,this guy is like Rajnikant :P….fight scenes are out of this world.

Me(superman t)_,yamini and rohit

Yamini ,Rohit you are a good Hosts :)…had a wonderful time ,and yes Yamini you can cook :P…..

On a side note,hyderabad heat is killing,worst part is i am roaming on a bike that too at 1:00 PM…how bad can it get .


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