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Friends—Day 3-10 days for change

So those who have been following the first 2 days…i Have been trying to develop a basic social networking site for Lead India 2020.

Was trying to install some plugins on Lead India site but failed because of some FTP error. Still trying to go back an forth with the tech team who doesnt seem too keen on helping ๐Ÿ™‚

Have seen this with all teams that control the server,they just don’t want to give up any access. Anyways the pressure is On ๐Ÿ™‚
But it was a fun day,finally met Yamini and rohit . Its ben a long due meeting,have known her for 5 years now.Planned to spend the night at their place in Hyderabad.

Watched the movie called “You dont mess with Zohan”. This is a must watch,this guy is like Rajnikant :P….fight scenes are out of this world.

Me(superman t)_,yamini and rohit

Yamini ,Rohit you are a good Hosts :)…had a wonderful time ,and yes Yamini you can cook :P…..

On a side note,hyderabad heat is killing,worst part is i am roaming on a bike that too at 1:00 PM…how bad can it get .

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If readership was like relationship,Breaking up would be hard



What if ย blogging was really a relationship. Relationship between author and readers?

If blogger and reader had a relationship
Breakup would be hard

I was recently reading a blog about “Breaking up with a blog” where the author Hajra listed top reasons for stopping to read a blog. She listed reasons like annoying popups etc as a reason she stopped visiting a blog.

But the topic made me think, what if it really was like a relationship and all rules of breakup applied?What if you need to officially breakup before you stoppped reading a website :P..what could be the reasons of breakup

1. The blogger would have a hard time as there might be potentially 100s of breakups every month…A 100 heartbreaks every month ๐Ÿ˜›

2.It would be hard to argue over things like.. what i said and what you said.the blog would have everything documented

3.What if you want to start reading it again? It will be like mending the old bridges

4. There would be no loss of old good memories as a simple archive would pull out everything like fresh ๐Ÿ™‚

Top reasons for breakup could be something like:

1. Its so difficult to reach you ,you dont let me in (if comment section is difficult to find)

2.You dont express your feelings(if the reader doesn’t comment)

3. You don’t value my feelings(if blogger doesn’t respond)

4.You give others more importance in your life(if the blogger doesn’t reply to your comments specifically)

5. You are always about Me Me and Me and not Us(if blogger talks mostly of himself)

6. You dont listen to me,you just hear me not listen. (If the reader usually leaves the same comment such as “Nice,Good work”)

7. You always compare,stop being so self centered(if all the reader does is give a link to his/her blog n comments)

8. There is someone else in my life..(If reader finds another site/blog where he/she spends most of her/his time)…this one would be funny

ok ย this is getting a little wierd now :P…What do you think could be the top reasons to breakup here? and have you broken up with any site/blog yet?

I am trying to breakup with

because I am really unhappy with soo much ads , but I am unable to ,just because i am so used to it, i guess i need to move on but its hard to let go ๐Ÿ˜›

So again,what site you have broke off with and why?Or is there some site you want to breakup with up but unable to ๐Ÿ˜› like a bad relationship


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