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Types of optimistic People

I was thinking a lot on optimism lately and was intrigued by the classification of optimism. What is exactly optimism and can it be classified?
So given below is a small list of classifications of optimistic types …..
DO you think you are optimistic? if yes which is your type

1.I hope tomorrow is good
2.I believe tommorow will be good
3.Tomorrow will be good
4.Tommorow has to be Good
5. I will make sure tomorrow is good

And their interpretation
1 .I hope tomorrow is good type

Are you sure you are an optimist? Is there a pessimist hiding under the blanket of optimist. It seems you believe tomorrow will be bleak but you hope it is not

2. I believe tommorow will be good

Yeah,there you are. Yes beliefs can change everything.The power of thought is the strongest power in the universe.

But check,is that your true belief or a forced one. Are you like “I hope tomorrow is good type” and just trying to be optimistic?

Whatever be the case,stick to your beleif because more you beleive more real it becomes.

God bless you
3.Tomorrow will be good

Now that’s an attitude. You know it,you just know it. You don’t need to put your belief ,your hope into it,you just know it and you know what ? you may be right.

But that shoud not stop you from trying,dont leave everything to fate,keep giving it your best shot,and whatever comes up will be good.
4.Tomorrow has to be Good

Ok hold on. Why tomorrow has to be good? Because today is worst or because you gave your best shot or fate Owes you a favor? If you depend on Fate or today’s conditions then you are not an optimist. You are a pessimist,but if you are giving it all you have to make a better tomorrow then you are my hero :).Because then you are challenging your fate. Do whatever you want,I decide my tomorrow and I have decided  its good. I will be happy when i choose to be happy,i will be sad when i choose to be sad. People like you change the world.If you are one of these do leave your comments below and maybe send a message ;),ill get your autographs before you become too famous to read blogs like this
5. I will make sure tommorow is good

Now this is tricky,you could be type 1 with hope or you could be someone who has crossed type 4. Someone who has tested the waters and knows that fate is only one factor or happiness and not the deciding factor.

Most probably you could be someone who has not seen too much of upheavals in life either because of fate or either because of your strong belief in yourself,either ways you are good.Never Ever leave this attitude

So guys a question for you. Whats your type?

Leave your responses below

PS: If anyones interested in my type,I beleive I am somewhat between 4 and 5

Note: The entire article is based on my personal experiences and are my personal beleifs ,it may or may not be correct so please do not be too harsh in judging 😉






  1. Rachel @ PawPurrry Avatar

    Wow…never thought my optimism could be classified but if I had to pinpoint the classification for my optimism I would have to say it is #2…

  2. madhurchadha Avatar

    Thanks Rachel…was just trying to classify based on my interaction with peopole and reading a lot in various books
    I guess 2 is the most balanced type 🙂

  3. devika Avatar

    this is interesting. Am wondering from where would you be deriving these conclusions? Is it on the basis if some philosophy or theory or is it an independent conclusion Introducing you to my blog too http://www.webvoice1.blogspot.com
    feedback and comments will be appreciated 🙂

    1. madhurchadha Avatar

      Thanks 🙂
      They are all based on personal opinions 🙂 nd experiences…
      will definitly be visiting ur blog

  4. Mari-Lyn Harris Avatar

    Great idea! Yes I believe optimistic people make the world a better place. When we are in a feel good or hopeful place we actually create more abundance for ourselves.

    1. madhurchadha Avatar

      you are right….But what is your type????:)

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