photo of people on rowboat during sunset

I KNow

m happier…
not beacause i achieved all goals…
not because situations around me changed
not because i won any money…….

m happy because i know
i know me…
a bit beter..
a bit clearer….

i know a few of my flaws..
i accept my weaknesses…
i know when i am procrastinating…
when i am cribbing..
when i am just taking it easy..
when i am just being the worse me

i dont stop…
but i know…
i know its the wrong side of me in play…
i know and accept…
that its me….

i am happy because i know..
what i want…to some extent..
i know where i am headed…to some extent..
the horizon is clearer…
the picture is less hazier…

m happy becase i know..atleast something

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