My Daughter’s Facebook(play)—part 3(final part)

facebool love

Please read part 1 and 2 before proceeding

My Daughter’s Facebook(play)—part 1

My Daughter’s Facebook(play)—part 2

Husband holds her hand and guides her to the computer room, the room is dusty with an old PC with CRT monitor, They had gifted sapna this PC when she was doing her 10th, later she switched to laptop and her mom dad starting using it . It was a rugged p2 PC with windows 98, hardly supported any softwares but the old couple hardly needed anything, they just needed to check Sapna’s pics and maybe search for a groom on matrimonial sites

The husband logs on to the PC and makes the lady sit next to him. He opens Internet explorer 6, and clicks Facebook bookmark Sapna had created for them
In username he puts in Spna’s Id and keys in the password while the lady looks at him in bewilderment, anger and sorrow
She feels like a person sentenced to death, waiting for death sentence, she doesnt want to live neither wants to die. She is confused what she should feel
Husband: It has been three months, I can no longer do this Suman. You know i did it for you to ease your pain but i think now it needs to end

He clicks ok and sapnas profile opens up. She had 499 friends just 1 shy of 500. Her wall was filled with messages from friends …

Miss you sapna
Sapna,wish you were here
Sapna, i so wanted to talk to you today
This is insane sapna, i hope i am dreaming
tell me its one of your classic pranks sapna..please tell me

the husband clicks settings—>privacy settings–>makes the wall visible to all

then clicks report profile—>mark deceased . In proof of death he puts in a url of news article published 3 months back.

Road accident kills 27 year old Sapna, a promising life ends in disaster .

The lady becomes quite, doesn’t seem to be even breathing , her head rests on her husbands shoulder. The husband starts crying profusely, he was tired of being strong


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My Daughter’s Facebook(play)—part 2



facebool love

Read My Daughter’s Facebook(play)—part 1 before proceeding
Boy—So what else does sapna like
Lady: Ohh she is a very multitalented girl, she loves to dance,paint and sings very well. She even uploaded some songs on youtube

Boy: Thats nice, would love to hear it someday

Lady: sure, I will send you the address

Lady: beta have some more snacks,

Boy: oh no I am good aunty

Lady:Oh come on, have some more

Boy’s mom—(looking irritated)..that’s ok Mrs Sharma, we already ate a lot.
Boy’s father: I guess its very late now, we should leave
Lady: Ohh, Spana should be here any moment, cant you wait a little more

Boy’s father: No Mrs Sharma, I believe its very late. We need to drive back
Lady: I am so sorry , Believe me sapna never does this. It’s very unusual of her
Boy’s mother: We do understand , kids these days are a busy lot, she must be stuck somewhere

Boy: don’t worry aunty, we can plan to meet up some other day
Boy gets an angry glance from his mother and this curbs his attempt to sooth the lady.
The family gets up to leave, and bids goodbye.

The lady’s husband emerges from his room and on seeing the Boy’s family leave .He follows them to the gate and catches them at the door, while the lady is sitting inside. He speaks to them in hushed tones for a few minutes , the cheerful looking Boy’s shoulders droop while his mother who was a bit angry seems to be expressing her anger . The boy’s father seems supportive , he gives a very tight reassuring hug to the lady’s husband and leaves

The lady’s husband walks back to the living room and lovingly kneels in front of the lady who is sitting with her hand on her head

He holds her hand ever so gently  and gives it a light kiss

Lady: What did you tell them
Husband: Truth
Lady: You don’t know the truth, you know nothing. What is the truth?
The husband simply looks at her as if no answer was necessary

Lady: Answer me, what did you tell them
Husband: You know it Suman,Why don’t you just accept it
Lady: Know what, if this is some sort of joke you and Sapna are pulling off  it has to end right away

Lady: What is it, is she seeing someone else, did she not like the boy? This is no way to treat guests, those good people came all the way from Gurgaon to meet Sapna and she was nowhere to be seen

The husband doesn’t answer ,he just looks in her eyes making her visibly uncomfortable, she stands up and starts mumbling
Lady: She’s not even picking up the phone
Husband: Has she picked up your phone in last 3 months
Lady:She’s a busy girl, we chat a lot on Facebook,let me message her on Facebook, this is not the right way. I will tell her she needs to come home right now else I will no longer talk to her
Husband: Can you do that?You know you need to talk to her more than she does
Lady: Yes she knows that and she’s taking advantage of the fact

Husband: You need to understand this Suman, you need to accept the truth
We need to do it now
Lady: Do what?
Husband doesn’t reply
Lady: No, no no…you are mad, you don’t know the truth.

My Daughter’s Facebook part 3(Final part)

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Poetry Reflections Simply Random

I KNow

m happier…
not beacause i achieved all goals…
not because situations around me changed
not because i won any money…….

m happy because i know
i know me…
a bit beter..
a bit clearer….

i know a few of my flaws..
i accept my weaknesses…
i know when i am procrastinating…
when i am cribbing..
when i am just taking it easy..
when i am just being the worse me

i dont stop…
but i know…
i know its the wrong side of me in play…
i know and accept…
that its me….

i am happy because i know..
what i want…to some extent..
i know where i am headed…to some extent..
the horizon is clearer…
the picture is less hazier…

m happy becase i know..atleast something

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