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  • My Daughter’s Facebook(play)—part 3(final part)

    Final part of the play,why sapna did not come to meet the guys, why she only communicated via facebook, what did the father knew but the mother was not ready to accept?

  • My Daughter’s Facebook(play)—part 2

    Sapna doesn’t turn up to meet the boy. Sapna’s father reveals the truth to his family and they take leave. Sapna’s mother is upset and does not believe her husband. What did Sapns’s father tell the Boy’s family?

  • I KNow

    I KNow

    m happier…not beacause i achieved all goals…not because situations around me changednot because i won any money……. m happy because i knowi know me…a bit beter..a bit clearer…. i know a few of my flaws..i accept my weaknesses…i know when i am procrastinating…when i am cribbing..when i am just taking it easy..when i am just…