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Moon and waterfall –canvas painting

As you must have seen in my earlier posts, I am trying to learn a new skill-Painting :).

Not sure how long will I continue but it sure is fun at this time. Both the paintings presented below have moon in them, I guess I just love painting the night sky, it has a certain charm about itself.

Also I figured out that I was using substandard brushes, I  had initially bought the cheapest brushes available and I believe that was a mistake. It is so much better to paint with good quality brushes. A word of advice to all starters ..”Buy good Brushes” .

I also have bought some special brushes such as a Fan Brush(By far the best brush) and a painting knife(Awesome for mixing paint and also painting mountains).I am also now graduating to a slightly bigger 12″x16″ canvas pad. Hoping to start on new canvas soon 🙂


Moon acrylic painting
Moon Stairs
Water fall acrylic painting
A scene I would love to see in real life





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