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Abstract Paintings: Riot of Colors and Monochrome

It seems all my posts are now about Paintings :). To a first time visitor this might look like a website dedicated to paintings by an Indian painter or maybe something to do with abstract paintings.

Let me assure you , this site is and will be dedicated to first and foremost Poetry , Voice over and audio recordings of poetry and then to anything else.

Ok , Back to paintings, so inspired by the appreciation I received for my abstract work Tejimala, I decided to get that painting framed and may I dare say, I love it :). It has turned out to be beautiful. at least to my own eyes . Have a look

Abstract Painting Tejimala FramedMoving on to the next set of two abstract paintings I made

Abstract Painting:  (Suggest a title)–Thoughtless

I can well imagine what some of you are saying, what the hell is this :). This is an abstract painting and I have tried some interesting techniques in it, click on the pic and again on the pic on media page ,it will take you directly to the pic, enlarge it and look closely 🙂

Anyways, I invite you to help me name it, if you hate it, you can say Garbage :P. I currently call it “Thoughtless”

Abstract Painting Nameless


Abstract Painting: MonoChrome Shadows

The title was suggested by a reader Rucheka Chaudhry.This is again an abstract painting using Just 1 color black

Abstract Painting Shadows and Trees







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