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Category: Reflections

  • Tulips not Roses

    I saw you today and i dont know what to say… I cant forget that shy laughter of yours… That you couldnt control

  • Someday-Dreams aspirations and hope

    Someday–a narrative on Dreams desires and hope that we all have but hide,somewhere deep inside our hearts ,deep inside our memories. This is a time to dig it all out and bring it out in open

  • BT(boys talk) the awkward conversation

    BT,there is no such thing as boys talk because men just cant chat

  • Types of optimistic People

    Types of optimism: So what type of an optimist are you?

  • Nostalgia ..The Complete Orignal Poem(Hindi) full text

    Missing your college days,your friends…:). This poem will take you to a journey back :)… You can listen to the audio

  • Coincidence the real definition

    What is a coincidence? is it a mathematical probability or something we don’t understand .

  • Age of Introverts- The future is different

    I believe the last generation belonged to the extroverts, the witty ones, the talkative ones, but the next one is for the introverts…the nerds…and the “out of sight out of mind” ones………

  • Confused selfish me

    start this blog knowin nothing really what i want to talk about….i have a vague feeeling but nothin concrete….something to do with me ,my life…my dreams…what i am and what i want to be… as a child everyone has some dreams..aspirationsss….some hopes of bright future ….before you judge this as a blog of a whiner…

  • Guilty For not being guilty enough

    have you ever felt guilty for not feeling guilty enough….i mean…u know u did something wrong..knowingly or unkowingly..u know that and you are supposed to feel for it…but all u feel is this just a glimpse of guilt…on the contrary u feel guilty for not feeling guilty enough…am i emoitionless…maybe…m i the Bad man ..:P…donno…now…

  • I KNow

    I KNow

    m happier…not beacause i achieved all goals…not because situations around me changednot because i won any money……. m happy because i knowi know me…a bit beter..a bit clearer…. i know a few of my flaws..i accept my weaknesses…i know when i am procrastinating…when i am cribbing..when i am just taking it easy..when i am just…