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Coincidence the real definition

Coincidence ,as per wikipedia “A coincidence is the occurring of an event in conjunction with any some conditions”
So basically some incidences that you consider out of ordinary happening at an unexpected time.They can be pleasant or unpleasant depending on how you look at it.
But are coincidences really coincidences. A purely scientific mind would rate them as simple probability. If you play roulette 100 times there is a fair chance of getting your number. Casinos survive on probability,they always have the probability to win. Eg you winning in roulette is 35-1 while for House it is 36-1 just a single digit difference wins them millions
But then is science everything? Have we reached a stage where we can say that we have understood it all?
I believe not. There are many things science and mathematics cannot explain. Remember Kungfu panda?
“There are no coincidences”

So what are they,why we are what we are,why what happens happens to us,and why the favorite dialogue of most people is “Why Me”
Well Vedas and ancient texts might have an answer. The belief is this
“You do what happens to you”
Thoughts lead to your state. You attract whatever happens to you. People are giving it fancy names now like “The Secret” but its no secret,human race has known it for ages.Every Religion has something that refers to the same concepts. External world is just a reflection of inner self.
Maybe science has still not grappled with the power of thought.The combined consciousness

Look at the new scientific theories,there is something called positive reinforcement “You keep telling yourself how good you are,how how you can quit smoking or how confident you are and you become that.
Thus what you think happens….isn’t that a proof for your thought power
The latest and the most shocking theory is this. The entire universe is nothing but a manifestation of the brain.
And this is not some religious fanatic organization which said this,its said by leading astronomers who themselves were surprised to see the strikingly similar structure of the universe.
If you consider all stars as meeting point of nerves and the energy lines connecting them as nerves you get something that is strikingly similar to brain.Yes the human brain. The universe is nothing but a blown up brain. Coincidence???

There are many things we don’t understand ,maybe coincidences are real,maybe its a simple act of mathematical probability maybe its something else..don’t know

Whatever it is or is not ,it definitely is a memory,the sweet memory of getting a call from the girl of your dreams when you were thinking of her,getting a call from your mom when you fall ill,running into an old friend,finding help from a complete stranger which changes your life…
So I will define coincidences as memories..






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