Coast to Coast

Starting my journey to cut out one item from my bucket list…
A coast to Coast drive….

Starting this wednesday ,i along with 2 other guys will drive from boston to LA…3000 miles 12 states and 5days…
Will be fun 🙂

Will keep you posted..:)

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Rajni Da…best of rajnikanth

Over the years..there have been millions of rajni jokes…many original many copied.So here listing the best ones

Best Rajni Jokes

1.Rajnikanth Wears sun glasses to protect the sun

2. In school rajnikanth did his rough work which is now called Wikipedia

3. Rajnikanths email ID is [email protected]

4. Once rajnikanth bunked a full day and now its called Sunday

5. If Rajnikanth would have born 100 years back, British would have fought to get independence

6.Rajinikanth can delete the Recycle Bin

7.Once Rajni gave IIT JEE exam … IIT was rejected…!

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Age of Introverts- The future is different

The dawn of modern times and the complete take over by social networking sites have brought up an interesting debate: many people complain that personal relationships are no longer personal ,we have started interacting less in public but more on the internet, a friend is just a contact in Facebook/Orkut, we no longer talk and how it is destroying our personal and social skills. I tend to agree with all this on surface ,but sometimes I think..

Remember that guy who you just found on orkut ,who as per his profile was your classmate for 6 years ,but you never noticed him? Now you found how talented that seemingly looser is

remember that girl who you never talked to in college ?But you found out now how much in common you had, and ironically she is your best online buddy

that flirty guy in college you always had a fight with? how he came back and apologized for the things you no longer remembered…

that bully who now became a counselor for terminally ill patients, and grew in respect?

All this is possible because of the age and dawn of social networking. Agreed that it is killing our previously termed “social skills” but what exactly are social skills?

Social skills are just ways and methods of interaction, etiquettes and  behavior. If the definition holds true ,then this is exactly what social networking is all about. Those rules still apply

it is just that it is on the internet. The society has changed, it is no longer limited to one city ,one state or one country. If the society changes it makes sense to change our social etiquettes.

And hasn’t it made easy to get in touch with people? Remember when I referred to a guy who was your classmate for 6 years and you don’t even recollect his name? Imagine you are that guy, you may those introverted ones who did not speak much, who just blend in the background, you are not a social or a talkative person and maybe don’t want to be. But that does not mean you do not want to be in touch, to know about your classmates, let them know about you .You could use those seemingly insignificant birthday wishes on Orkut, maybe use them to strike a conversation with the girl you always wanted to talk to but could never gather enough courage…

Now in the comfort of your house you can talk, contemplate what to say to whom .You may not be the witty one in school or college but that does not stop you from being you. Using these tools you can actually get in touch with the right people,know about them and let them know that you are who you are and what you do…

it gives you a sense of company, it feels good to have friends. Believe me ,it might seem nonsense to some but it still feels good to have a good number of people in your friend list. You still feel happy on receiving happy birthday scraps, even if it is from people you have not spoken to in over a year, also you find it comfortable to use the instant scraps to wish people happy birthday with whom you have not talked in a year. Yes it might not  be very personal but, at least the link is not broken.

In case social networking was not there, a link once broken would be broken forever and for introverts it means 99.9% links, because they may not be the type of people who can talk and talk ,call up people discuss on things. They just are not like that,but they can write: an occasional scrap an infrequent  chat….

I believe the last generation belonged to the extroverts, the witty ones, the talkative ones, but the next one is for the introverts…the nerds…and the “out of sight out of mind” ones………

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Confused selfish me

start this blog knowin nothing really what i want to talk about….i have a vague feeeling but nothin concrete….something to do with me ,my life…my dreams…what i am and what i want to be…

as a child everyone has some dreams..aspirationsss….some hopes of bright future ….before you judge this as a blog of a whiner whining about how he is not what he wants to be…how he chose some carreer just because that was the only option or parents forced them…let me tell you…i am actually happy with My job and my carreer choices…yes i am one of those software professionals….but no i didnt come in this industry because it was the only choice available,i came here because i wanted to come..i enjoy my job…i like developmnt ,coding,consultancy…i like solving these problems…


sometimes i think why i made decesions that i made….i mean there were many other loves in my life other than of them physics…i just loved it………today while browsing about quantum phisics,black holes i again had this sudden urge to become a self taught theorotical physists..even found a great site to help me out am not a nerd..but yes i like physics….

another one…a teacher…i love this also….have taught a bit in my college days…and was pretty succesful…judging by the attendance rate in my class

a motivatinal speaker maybe… friend used to comment taht i can make a man jump from mt everest without a parachute(i dont know was it because i motivate well or iritate well)….(note i said a man not a women…..;)…

a social worker…yeah i love helping people and i am not humble etc about that….i like it gives me a high….i love the appreciation ,yes i do….and i genuinly feel great if i can make anyone smile….also m pretty great with kids….ahh am so unbashfully arrogant and selfish(i know that :P.and i dont care)…

but why software engineer….maybe the money..yes i like to be rich..who doesnt…..maybe the growth…i am a super ambitious person….materialistic you may call..but i like to grow in my carrrer at a faster pace…maybe being from a middle class family the importance of money was embedded in me since childhood….what were the reasons…..

why am i writing this blog..because i sometimes feel this stroong pull towards the other loves of my life…that i fear that i might simpl leave what i have and run after something that i dont have….and you know what i still dont feel the fear of loosing……

what i fear is that if i leave one love of my life and run after the other i might have regrets later in life about misiing my first love…what i could have achieved

its like..even if i leave my current profession to become a social worker and even be very succesful..when ill look at people like narayan murthy ..will i feel a grudge that i could have been like him….maybe i am too selfish…i want to do everything in this life….

is that posible..maybe,maybe not….maybe i can give it a try…i might or might not be succesful..but i will have no regrets…

So here i decide to actually stop myself from stopping myself to follow other dreams simultaneusly…like

i started a novel when i was in 9th standard…and i started another one 2 yrs back…ill try complete it…if no publisher accepts it i will self publish it

I have joined an NGO 2 yesra back and have done some work their..i will fuel more energies towards making a diffrence..i even teach there so will keep doing that

i will devote more time towards learning calculus and reading about paulies exclusion principle,hiensberg uncertainity theorem ,string theory,and how they effect this universe

i might become a jack of all trades…but i will try to be the master of one also

i believe many people deeep inside think on similar lines i am sure…i just think aloud…tell me if am wrong

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A Letter To ME from me

stading on the mountains i climed…
hearing the chains in my legs chime..
i try to listen to you…
in silence i try to find a voice..
passing a bondage as a choice…
i still try to listen to you..
i have all but nothing have i..
i feel claustrophobic in this limitless sky..
i am trying to listen and listen to you..
i m trying to listen but dont hear..
maybe you have fell silent out of fear..
hey me ,i want to listen to you..
you are there i know..
but covered yourself with this dark snow..
maybe when the time is right youll show..
maybe when the time is right youll show..
hey me,dont wait
try to come before its too late..
~written by me to me
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Guilty For not being guilty enough

have you ever felt guilty for not feeling guilty enough….
i mean…u know u did something wrong..knowingly or unkowingly..u know that and you are supposed to feel for it…
but all u feel is this just a glimpse of guilt…on the contrary u feel guilty for not feeling guilty enough…
am i emoitionless…maybe…m i the Bad man ..:P…donno…
now which one is the conscience…the one that is not feeling guilty enough…or the one that is telling me that i am not feeeling guilty enough……

maybe practicality is taking over emotions…maybe it was always the case….donno

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Poetry Reflections Simply Random

I KNow

m happier…
not beacause i achieved all goals…
not because situations around me changed
not because i won any money…….

m happy because i know
i know me…
a bit beter..
a bit clearer….

i know a few of my flaws..
i accept my weaknesses…
i know when i am procrastinating…
when i am cribbing..
when i am just taking it easy..
when i am just being the worse me

i dont stop…
but i know…
i know its the wrong side of me in play…
i know and accept…
that its me….

i am happy because i know..
what i want…to some extent..
i know where i am headed…to some extent..
the horizon is clearer…
the picture is less hazier…

m happy becase i know..atleast something

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Lead India 2020….first touch

Today i fulfilled my long cherished dream of doing some social service my way. I joined lead india .My work is in career development aspect. my job is to train people in things like public speaking …wooow…i always wanted to do dat…did it in my college but only briefly…but wat i did today really changed me
thanks to my friend narrottam….i went to this school called oasis…there were 125 students waiting for being trained..i mean seeing their enthusiasm…i was shocked…i mean pleasently surprised……wen i atarted my session…it was a revelation for me…it went sooooo goood….i used some of my own techniques dat i had invented…most famous one was blah blah technique… became sort of anthem…and best part was wen i could actually see diffrence in students withen 4 hr session……we broke their jinx…helped them overcome the stage fright…that first time fear…one girl on 9th standard who was so terrified to speak in public initially was volunteering to speak by the end of session….dat was something…maybe we did something right 🙂
and wen the session ended the students did something unthinkable….they asked for my autograph…omg….i was like wooooooow….soooooo much respect…i was awed….i mean i learned more than them…these students really changed me….i was on cloud nine
now the mission of lead india is to train 25000 engineering students in areas like physical,mental,carreer,social and spiritual development this year..ill be handling carreer… ..and i pledge to help them in that…just pray i m able to give back something..lets see…even if i change one life ill be satisfied

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the transport industry is now looking fot the best way of transportaion…they are frantically searching for something radical…revolutionary…as the next gen transportation… lets see wat charecteristics such a transportation have
it should be very safe…obviously….
oil is drying up…so least fuel consumption…….
eco friendly.
good ground clearence for indian roads
should give a sense of superiority to the driver over other drivers of other transports
yes should be unique
should be able to maneuver through tough terrain
intelligent enough to avoid collisions in case the driver dozes off…yes its true..ive seen ppl dozing off while driving…sincerely
so lo behold i here present the transport which meets all these criteria…its and wat not… is taken from the scriptures…but was ignored for a looong time……here it is

haha its safe…no other vehicle will mess with it……
ground clearence is awesome…….
sense of superiority for driver…obviously
no petrol diesel needed…(though will eat tonnes of other things)
eco friendly ..if u ignore the natural source of air pollution
speed…max possible in such traffic
and yes unique…….

plusss…u dont need a liscence…nice na
so i solved this biiiig problem of best way of transport in a GRAND and BIIIIG way…..i deserve a nobel prize for it
*note the picture was taken by me…so no copyright infringement

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