the transport industry is now looking fot the best way of transportaion…they are frantically searching for something radical…revolutionary…as the next gen transportation… lets see wat charecteristics such a transportation have
it should be very safe…obviously….
oil is drying up…so least fuel consumption…….
eco friendly.
good ground clearence for indian roads
should give a sense of superiority to the driver over other drivers of other transports
yes should be unique
should be able to maneuver through tough terrain
intelligent enough to avoid collisions in case the driver dozes off…yes its true..ive seen ppl dozing off while driving…sincerely
so lo behold i here present the transport which meets all these criteria…its and wat not… is taken from the scriptures…but was ignored for a looong time……here it is

haha its safe…no other vehicle will mess with it……
ground clearence is awesome…….
sense of superiority for driver…obviously
no petrol diesel needed…(though will eat tonnes of other things)
eco friendly ..if u ignore the natural source of air pollution
speed…max possible in such traffic
and yes unique…….

plusss…u dont need a liscence…nice na
so i solved this biiiig problem of best way of transport in a GRAND and BIIIIG way…..i deserve a nobel prize for it
*note the picture was taken by me…so no copyright infringement

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  1. Ahhh, but you have left out a rather important problem – elephants tend to ‘leave things behind’ … and what I am referring to actually comes out of their behinds.Although, as I type this, I now realize that that would be an excellent way at creating new jobs. Somebody’s gotta clean it up!Nice idea, my man…

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