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  • If readership was like relationship,Breaking up would be hard

    If blogger and reader had a relationship and you had to follow the normal breakup protocols before breaking up(stop following). The top reasons could be 1. Its so difficult to reach you ,you dont let me in (if comment section is difficult to find) 2.You dont express your feelings(if the reader doesn’t comment) 3. You…

  • hakuna matata…it means no worries for the rest of your days

    Trying out my fav song…hakuna matata from Lion King…It means no worries for the rest of your days Good trial for Sona’s Karaoke system and varuns Camera…. I guess i should setiously try cartoon voiceovers..what say? I send infrequent newsletters. You can signup for them below. * indicates required Email Address * What are you…

  • BT(boys talk) the awkward conversation

    BT,there is no such thing as boys talk because men just cant chat

  • Rajni Da…best of rajnikanth

    Whats your fav rajni Joke


    the transport industry is now looking fot the best way of transportaion…they are frantically searching for something radical…revolutionary…as the next gen transportation… lets see wat charecteristics such a transportation have it should be very safe…obviously…. oil is drying up…so least fuel consumption……. eco friendly. good ground clearence for indian roads should give a sense of…