When I started this website this is the introduction I wrote,

I am a dreamer….dreamer of a better world…..dreamer of a dream like future…

I blog on anything and everything that catches my attention….be it books, poetry,stories,news,products…
An adventurer at heart I seek to look for new adventures and avenues…

Comments/Bricks bats/Praises/Rotten tomatoes below 🙂

mainly because I felt that people may not be interested in the real person behind this and basically the best way to impress people was to put some poetic words ,something that looks cool 🙂

Anyways I believe it is time for some honesty .Many of you have connected with me on FB so no surprises for you here 🙂

Note: This is a personal blog, all views are personal

Real Name: Madhur Chadha (Yeaah you knew it I know)

What do I do for a living: Sadly, no I am not a full-time poet or a blogger. I worked in IT industry (Infosys) for about 6 years spending a major part in US before starting my management education at Indian School of Business @Hyderabad.

Then I  worked as a Senior Consultant at Cognizant Business Consulting in their Information Media and Entertainment unit.

Post that I  worked with Microsoft as a Product  Manager and helped design and develop some of the coolest Apps .

Now I am working with Directi group company as a Senior Product Manager for a Product called Flock , an enterprise chat app.  Check out Flock.co

A long long time ago when I was writing my LinkedIn Bio , I wanted to summarize my professional passion in one line, and I wrote  “I love connecting people via digital means” . This was before I was into Product Management ,before Flock, before Microsoft, before Cognizant….It is funny how things fall into place

Apart from my day job, I used to  host a radio segment Alfaaz ,dedicated to poetry on an online radio channel called MeraSangeet

What Else: I also consult/help a few NGOs and a Few Startups in Online presence. I have setup websites, trained people, helped them in marketing, created marketing collaterals such as videos ,posters,mission statements and Logos.

At ISB I led the marketing activities for iDiya: National Social venture contest and created marketing collateral for some of the biggest events.

I have also worked in creating long-term vision,organizational structure and communication channel for NGOs

Some more: I was a shy kid and could not speak in front of more than 3 people. Over the years ,due to parental support ,some awesome teachers and loads of  luck, I was able to overcome this  fear of mine and reach a level I thought was not possible for me.

I compered for college fests(main compere), won inter college national level debates, GDs, extempores and even became an RJ . I started passing out the techniques that helped me overcome stage fright to people who needed it.

It was incorporated as part of Lead India 2020 training program(I am a Youth leader since 2006) and I have personally trained over 300 students on it with encouraging results. I still train students in this, sometimes pro-bono sometimes paid.



So here is a sort of full disclosure ..about who I am.

Anything else?…just leave a comment

Best way to contact me: My Facebook Page



39 Replies to “About”

  1. Hey Friend! This is the first time I visited your blog and I found it marvelous…Great work! I must thank youtube which provided me the link your space…Keep it up!
    P.S.- Your song was susperb “Nostalgia-an ode to the college life and friends”…Visit mine @ rahulmyzone.blogspot.com

  2. Where r the cricketers whom whole nation supported. Shame they cant support the national cause. They cant even give a single statement. . Carry on anna

  3. I thought, I would BETTER MEET Shri Anna Hazareji Once Again to have tete-a-tete for I would be interested to work with great Annaji 1 to 1 Basis,if He so desires,After Our One More Meeting.Please Confirm The Status per Return Directly Or Through SUMUKH KHEDKAR,whom Annaji Knows Ver
    y Well Personally,Regards, Ram Sathejg

  4. respected sir….i m nt so mch dfrnt frm u bt nt so mch as like u….me also a b.tech student…fond of wrtng poems jst lyk u…sir may i snd ma poem to u with ur voice i want bck ma frnds….sir i hvnt any website so plzzzz rply me… m wtng….rply me on ma cntct no 9354911216 sir plzzz i also msng maa frnds,,,,,:):(

  5. Hey madhur,
    Just wanted to say that your latest ‘letter’ to the Gurgaon administration was a brave piece of sarcasm which truly reflected the biased behavior of the Government.No other form of action but these, could surely be the best tool to mock on them.Felt happy on reading it. Btw, i have a blog too by name, potboilers.blogspot.com
    Do visit it when you have enough time and feel free to voice your opinion. Will be glad to have your participation in every little way that you can

  6. sir,
    i really appretiate facebook that somehow got me and you connected…….but i am really here to say that this is the first time am visiting your blog and am just spellbound thay how amazing it is……BRAVO BRAVO

  7. Atlast Mr. real unreasonable is here.i am glad that u did this.must say u r an interesting person and wid all the gud efforts u r sure gonna rock.all d best and keep posting gr8 articles and videos.

    • Hi Rajni
      My Bad, due to interviews about kai bo che, the show alfaaz was cancelled last week. I was out of town since 14th hence did not get the info on time and could not inform you. Completly my fault.

      You poem will be up this week(coming wednesday). Also please check the timings of the show “Chat and Chai:” on the merasangeet website,they are being changed slightly. You can even ask that on their facebook page.

      I will let you know the exact time as soon as I get em.

      My apologies for the confusion

  8. Your introduction is well written. You come across as a person who is down- to -earth. I like that.

    Read a few of your painting posts. Painting isn’t really my thing though.

    Can you guide me to some of your best writing?


  9. Hey Dagny,
    Please accept my sincerest apologies for misspelling your name. I blame the lack of sleep 😛
    I can see that you have commented on some humor posts :)….Glad you liked some of my work

  10. Per chance I listened to Nostalgia-an ode to the college life and friends.. and it was such a matter of fact recording of those days that most of it covered all our days at RBI during the period 1963 on wards. I am now 67 and other surviving friends( We call our selves Dolts) are above 70. Since I had a few old and forgotten photos that escaped dustbin, that I could not resist using your poem and voice partly as a background to those photos in my short movie for personal use. But my conscience forbids me to use the same without your permission and accordingly I shall be thankful to your good self if you grant the necessary permission to use the recorded poem.I have not changed a single word in it but edited/deleted some paras for which I could not find the supporting photographs.
    I hope you will grant the necessary permission and after that I will upload the movie YouTube for my other Dolt friends to see it.
    Waiting for a response.
    with regards
    god bless you

  11. Hey Madhur …your Poems are awesome…the way you recite them,the background melody…everything is just great,so blissful…just love to hear more and more..Thanx for these lovely poems 🙂

  12. After reading your nostagalia college life poem it reminds me my poem that i wrote few days and your explaination about yourself was also nice itz right that ppl like poetic lines that impress them 😀

  13. Dost, you are basically an asshole.
    You write pathetically, and you think you are some thought leader.
    Just look at this website. yuck!
    Just because AAPtards made one highly stupid and ordinary post of yours a bit popular, you have started thinking that you are next Kejriwal.
    Good luck asshole

    • Thank you for your lovely Comment Mrinal, what flowery language you have.
      Nevertheless, it surprises me that all you could see was one post. I do not blame you though, people tend to see only what they want to see and ignore everything else. Sad part is that you did not even care to read the about me page(which is the page you commented) or bother to see all other links strewn across this site. You even ignored the fact that the alleged article is not even the most read article on the site (Tip, they are on top of EVERY page)…
      Nevertheless, thanks for your wishes…and all the best with your life “Dost”

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