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And the needle did not move : #OneHealthyLife part 3

The needle has not moved, not even an inch ,not even a cm. My weight still remains exactly as it was when I started this. 85.9

[contextly_sidebar id=”XzG0krt4Ex2c0ySMUrRJ3cKt2OK1owaj”]Went to get my weight and other vitals such as body fat etc checked,hoping to see some change. I I was hopeful, partly because I have been exercising a bit and controlling diet a bit and partly because I feel slimmer(if that is a thing).

But NO CHANGE. The only progress was reduction in Visceral fat by 0.5% , which is good.Visceral fat is the fat between your organs , basically it wraps around them, snuggling them in it’s warm embrace. Seems pretty nice to me, but apparently it is not good 😛

I blame my injured leg for my non-progress :P. No seriously , possibly I used that as an excuse to not exercise much since past few days and hence gained whatever I might have lost initially. Nevertheless, back to the grind.

The weight loss plan remains same

Now Watch this Hilarious Clip from Southpark

South Park
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