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A cause worth taking up – Affordable sanitary pads #FreedomFromShame

Menstrual cycle is still a taboo topic for discussion in India. 50% of human race undergoes it , still we cannot even talk about it forget discussing about menstrual hygiene  and various options available .

To make matters worse , in many parts of India, a woman is considered “impure” during “un dino” (having her periods) . She cannot touch the deity in a temple or even , in some places, enter their own house. They live in makeshift sheds outside .

Imagine , a biological phenomenon which basically is linked to a woman’s ability  to conceive a child, probably the purest form of “being human” , an ability to bring life to this world , a power similar to God and still being perceived as impure.

But this blog is not to discuss about various taboos surrounding menstrual cycle but to shed light on an organization that is trying to do something.

Due to various taboos surrounding this issue , many women, especially in villages are unaware of menstrual hygiene, leaving them vulnerable to diseases and loss of productivity due to discomfort. Many girls end up skipping upto a WEEK of school EVERY MONTH , eventually leading them to quit school all together .

Aakar is a social enterprise that creates affordable biodegradable sanitary pads . Their model is simple, bring the simple technology to villages where women themselves make and sell these pads . These women also educate other women about menstrual hygiene while becoming mini entrepreneurs  themselves.

They are running a fund raising for expanding this noble venture and I believe it is worth contributing to .So Go and DONATE


Top reason’s why you should contribute

  • This is a social venture and NOT a plain charity. They won’t distribute once and go away. it is sustainable. Your contribution will have a long lasting effect
  • The Women earn, they become the entrepreneurs, bread winners .







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