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Hindi poetry Cheeni Zyada

Audio of hindi poetry Cheeni Zyada

कभी चीनी कम थी कभी चीनी ज्यादाI

कभी थे वो शामिल कभी सिर्फ वादा
I कभी झुर्मोटो में थे बहते समु न्दर
कही सपनो में सिर्फ आते ये मंज़र I

Presenting to you a beautiful poem by Rajni ji. Loved the way she put forward the feelings. It brings back a sense of nostalgia, a sense of past .

I also owe an apology to Rajni ji for not uploading this for more than a month .I recorded the poetry a long time ago…uploading it now.

So here is a hindi poetry Cheeni Zyada


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