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Marry Early and Prevent Rape: Letter to A Visionary Chautala ji

Chautala Ji,

Recently you said you supported reducing marrigiable age to prevent Rapes and sadly the moronic Marry Early and prevent being rapedMedia and so called women empowerment people started bashing you.

I thought I clear the air by telling the world what you stand for, what High ideals your party probably holds so that those dumbos can get some sense


  1. Rapist check the marital status before raping: Haila, those people never knew that, see. Also they did not know that married men don’t rape…right?.There is no abuse or marital violence or rapes after someone is married in Haryana
  2. Prime role of women in society is to be Ghar ki Izzat: See those dumbos talk about equal rights and women empowerment. You should teach them that all women are “Ghar ki Izzat” and to top it , she is only concerned with the Izzat of the house she occupies  a father or a husband. As you said “Bachhiyan Ki shaadi…blah blah blah”  the prime job of a father is to marry her daughter so that she is someone else’s problem.  As you rightly pointed out that people want to put the problem of women on someone else. It’s like a game of Tag..The father simply wants to TAG the groom with the girl..right?.
  3. We are living in Mughal era: Oh they did not know that you see, as you rightly compared we are living in medieval times and medieval laws apply. The government is totally incapable of anything .BTW…who was running the government in Haryana a few years back?. OOPS it was you?and there were still rapes that time? How come? . I take my words back Chautala ji: Let me rephrase “ The government will Bring BACK the MUGHAl RAJ times”. Since there are no tyrannical rulers ,you will encourage people to become like them. This is the only way you can bring back the glorious days of Mughals that you so miss. May I say you should make this as your POLL promise and you might return to power again
  4. Since you saw it, it will be right: You mentioned you have seen very young girls get married. Since you saw it , It SHOULD BE RIGHT. I do not understand how anyone can debate that? Our ancestors did nothing wrong EVER you see.
  5. Choosing your life partner. What’s that?: Chautala ji you should tell people that we do things differently here. Choosing a life partner is not something young girls or even guys should be doing. It is like breeding your cow or a bitch. You decide who they mate with and when. Children are a property of the parents and they should decide what they do for the rest of their lives and in return these kids get a chance to gamble with lives of their children. Fun isn’t it sir?
  6. Its your responsibility: A chief minister ,a government , police are simply  ways of giving  people a false sense of order and maybe  ways of making some people more important than others. Law and order and crime prevention was and will always be responsibility of an individual. If you come to power again sir …well-being of people will never part of your JOB…right?


May I dare add Chautala ji  that you should let those people know that you do not believe that women should even work, come on  let the world know what a wonderful and pure thought process you have. I am sure you hold those morals high.


Also on these lines I want to propose some more changes

  1. 16 is not young enough: Chautala ji a research should be done to find out what is the least rape prone age. This is essential for preventing our “Bachhiyan” from the “Bhediayas”. You can ask all “Bhediyas” to do the research and come up with a good figure. I am sure you will find many in Haryana. I believe the right age would be 0 years. Before a girl is born you should be able to marry her off.I am sure evolution will take over and girls will be born with a MangalSutra and Sindur
  2. Make Sex detection of fetus legal: Since it is such a pain to raise women let people chose if they are up for it. In Rapes it is always the women and her family who suffers   because it becomes her problem. As you must believe I suppose, she is the culprit ..right? Why force people to raise BAD girls in Haryana.Also people are against female infanticide but I am sure Sir you would totally support that
  3. Bring Back the old times: Chautala Ji, I know you miss the old times, why not we bring back more such well thought out  practices such as “Sati” . Also let’s go even further back, Stone Age. If  a boy likes a girl ,he should be able to win her by killing all who vie for her. Fun it will be. Also may I dare add that our ancestors also believed in dowry, why not bring it back? Let’s call it Up Keep or Maintenance fees . And people can have a column in shaadi.com “Expected Dowry”. Let me not even start with the practice of honor killing which thankfully is being practiced religiously in Haryana, Thanks to some wonderful leaders we have had


That’s all Chautala ji. May I say that you should keep doing what you are doing, do what you believe in and let all the people shout. As a leader and Ex Chief minister of a STATE it is if YOU who knows what’s best for the people. Also do not worry about elections, all people who believe that the onus of preventing rapes lies not on the state but people themselves will vote for you

I hope this letter clears all doubts in the minds of your detractors

Hail Chautala

My Learning: A few months ago Gurgaon administration taught me that a women’s clothes are responsible for rapes…and the best way to solve it is to Ban women from venturing out. Today you taught me that the best way is to simply get them married as soon as possible and your problem is solved. I am learning a lot from you elders..Thank you for such wonderful teachings


And I thought—Better education, stricter punishments and more vigilance was the solution
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Omka0zbjOIw]

~Update: Now congress spokesperson from Haryana Dharamveer Goyal has now made a statement, 90% of the rapes are consensual . I do not know if I should cry or laugh


By Madhur Chadha





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