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Open letter to Airtel–Thank you SO MUCH from a happy transformed customer

Hello Airtel Customer service,

I write this letter to compliment and thank you for some exemplary customer service that you have rendered to me over the past few months. For the benefit of the readers let me give a complete gist of why I am in awe of you guys

1. You told me my Real Name: I grew up believing my name was Madhur Chadha. Apparently my parents did not tell me the complete truth .You guys figured out ,I don’t know how, that it actually was Madhur Chadha Talwar. Even my parents were surprised to know that ,they had no idea that my Name had Talwar at the end. I must profusely thank you for telling me this big secret.

2. You told me what my email ID should be: Again I had no idea that I was using a wrong email id all my life.Instead of [email protected] it was YOU who told me that it was [email protected]. How did I not know that? You brought the moon(chanda) to my life.The best part was that even after innumerable calls and emails and SMSes you stuck by your stand and did not change it,rather sent me a mail at my wrong(one i was using) id that you have corrected it to [email protected] . You changed it once in a while to pacify me but as you are the BIG BOSS you changed it back at your own sweet will.

3.You decided my lucky number: I though that I had the option of choosing a number but apparently I was wrong. Though I requested a 9 series number ending in 335 you chose to give me a whole different number from 8 series .Again in-spite of many promises you did to me to offer a new number, you stuck to your stand and never called back. How DARE I request a change

4. Taught me that leaders should not be respected:  Out of sheer misjudgment on my part I was under the impression that if I emailed Sunil Bharti Mittal, you would at least listen to me but again you taught me something else.Every email sent to Sunit Mittal Sir for whom I had immense respect went in vain, you still did nothing.I actually felt sorry for him.But I respect your company where a customer service agent can ignore his CEO with such disdain.In most other companies it would be as good as insulting him but you guys are above all that. A true flat company I must say

5.You taught me how to lie: I have studied a bit management too and day in and day out we were taught about being ethical, not lying to customers and how to conduct business fairly ,but YOU taught me that it was all junk. In business especially customer service,the biggest asset is lying. Your customer reps lied to me so many times that I have lost count. Some of the lying includes : “We will give you a call back in 24 hrs”, “we will give you a new number in 72 hrs”,”your call is important to us”, “We have noted down everything in the ticket ” and the BEST ONE “We completely comprehend your viewpoint and sincerely apologize for any difficulty caused to you by our Customer service department.”

I also really like the jest that you put at the very end of emails “We hope that we have been able to address your query. ” Its funny and sad at the same time.

Your Zonal offices do not respond to emails and you have figured out how to shut up customers like me by calling me up again and again and asking me to explain the problem to a different customer rep who has no idea of what I am talking about.

6. How to read fast:To be frank this is the best learning I have ever HAD.How to read fast, you guys are phenomenal.I have tried sending you detailed emails explaining my issues ,even created bullet points,tables and was about to create charts also but you guys simply never read .Instead told me that you have changed my email ID to [email protected](the email ID that is not mine).The number issue never figured in your emails.This is what I call prioritization. You guys are phenomenal at that and should be training corporates on how to read.

I can go on and on but sadly am at loss of words, at the end I will say ,sorry Airtel and thank you for doing this to me .Now I am off to legally change my name (though you have changed it for the time being,not sure how long it would stick) and email ID and my preferences for a 9 series because at the end Airtel hai to dosti hai.


3 responses to “Open letter to Airtel–Thank you SO MUCH from a happy transformed customer”

  1. prateek mathur Avatar

    I am sure ur one of the millions of happy customers they have dancing on Rehman’s tunes! 😀
    Very well written!

    1. Madhur Chadha Avatar

      Ohh yes…I cry with joy whenever i hear that

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