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Hello Mr Second

Hello Mr second,

I feel your pain,

You are always second ,

Buzz Aldrin ,Second Man on Moon
Buzz Aldrin ,Second Man on Moon

you feel all went in vain.


Those toils of your hardship

nobody  sees

oh that sweat and that blood

The scar it leaves




You see that celebration

that was so near

You feel that sensation

Your heart just tears


It could have been you

you think so

you deserved that place

you want the world to know


Hello Mr Second

I feel your pain

dont worry Mr second

Its not in vain


You run the world

you know it so

had there been not you

there would be no show


You crossed all hurdles

Just missed the last

Don’t take this burden

It’s just the past


Hold your head high

You gave a good show

Just give a sigh

Don’t take it slow


Oh Mr second

I feel your pain

You feel Mr Second

they will forget your name


Mr second you have lot to see

you still know what you wanna be

You still have a reason to fight

reason to do and a reason to die


Oh Mr Second

I feel your pain

But come on Mr Second

getting back up, runs in your veins


Oh Mr Second

I feel your pain—

Dedicated to all people who came second ———————————







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