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Five things Indian’s miss in US and don’t know about

Yes you read it right, we MISS our freaking McDonald’s or MacD as we call it . For people who don’t know what i am talking about ,let me tell you.McDonalds has done something awesome in India by changing their entire menu. We miss those aloo tikki burgers,those maharaja burgers  and those 10 Rs(20 cent) softy(Yes we will call it softy) . We also miss the feeling of being cool,McD is considered cool in India. You are supposed to go there ,sit ,eat and get fat and not take anything via drive through, what is it ?a snack?
Its our MacDonald now,not your MacDonald. Your MacDonald’s doesn’t even have one vegetarian burger.

Lack of choices:
We hate too many choices, for god sake why don’t you give me a Sub subway?.No I don’t want to choose the bread, yes I want onions,what’s a sub without onions?, Please put everything, oh now don’t ask me about sauces ,please put any damn spicy one . Every time I go to places like subway ,I am afraid to order thinking I might miss the very basic ingredient. They might ask me , do I want a sub or not? and i might say yes. Why don’t you have simple defaults, I will tell you when I don’t want something

Not stopping for pedestrians: Oh I know, you should stop for pedestrians they have the right of way ,but not where I came from. From where I came, the bigger car always has the right of way and in case of an accident ,the bigger car’s driver gets beaten up always ,no exception. We kinda miss that feeling of NOT stopping for poor (i mean literally) pedestrians.

Crowd: Yes, makes us feel alive, we may crib about too many people,jostling ,sweat,heat and dust but crowds is something we miss.It makes us feel alive. It’s ok to have personal space not a vacuum

Believe it or not, most Indian’s feel damn powerful in india. You can freaking do anything.Why? Bribery rules my friend. We may hate it ,but yeah we know it’s there, we can do it,it’s the big daddy to fall upon. We mess up something, big bucks can solve it
Plus you pretty much get every thing with money, that to cheap.You talk about a cook or a  driver? you can hire a freaking personal masseuse without blowing your monthly budget





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