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Loren ipsum–What to write when you have nothing to write

I have recently started a bet with a few friends to write a blog every single day for the next 30 days. For every missed day you get thrown into the pool.

For the past 15 days i have been able to keep up, missing not even a single day. But today , i seriously have run out of idea

I actually mulled over the idea to write

Is there life after death
Generic beutiful pic

but decided against it. What if somebody reads it.

So just making a list of things to write when you have nothing to write

1. Make lists: Easiest way to write is make a list of any damn thing. Fills up space, looks well thought out 😛

2.Write on every alive topic such as corruption

3.write about your day, somehow i don’t get it but many personal blogs are very popular

4.Write about how difficult it is to write

5.Insert a lot of or at least some BIG beautiful pictures


So here was my 5 step guide, eazy pezy .

happy writing






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